Kakava Festival Takes Place in Turkey

Flowers and Flames

The Roma people of Turkey celebrate the coming of spring with the Kakava festival.

Every 5th and 6th of May, the Roma people of Turkey welcome spring with the music, colorful dancing, and dramatic bonfires of Kakava. Many gathered in Edirne, a city in northwest Turkey on the banks of the Tunca River, for this year's Kakava festival. Below, some of its most stunning sights.

UP IN FLAMES Chris McGrath/Getty Images UP IN FLAMES The bonfire is lit, and the crowds gather. DANCING TIL DAWN Chris McGrath/Getty Images DANCING TIL DAWN A Roma woman dances at Kakava. Turkey boasts one of the world's largest Roma populations. FLYING OVER THE BONFIRE Chris McGrath/Getty Images FLYING OVER THE BONFIRE It's customary for braver souls to leap over the flames. GATHER 'ROUND Chris McGrath/Getty Images GATHER 'ROUND The bonfire keeps burning into the night. ALL TOGETHER NOW Chris McGrath/Getty Images ALL TOGETHER NOW The Kakava festival (pictured) is related to another regional celebration of spring, Hıdrellez, which UNESCO added to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2017.