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True Love 4 Ever: Karl the Fog + Golden Gate

In San Francisco, the fog has a name (it's Karl) and a Twitter handle, @KarltheFog. He's witty, he's charming and he has been hanging out with another San Francisco icon, the Golden Gate Bridge, ever since that beautiful thing came on the scene 81 years ago.

setting roadbed sections in the fog during the construction of the picture

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with temperatures breaking records in northern california the san picture

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It was love at first sight...

USA, California, San Francisco, Golden Gate BridgeAlan Copson/Getty ImagesThen things got heavy.

Aerial Views Of San FranciscoJustin Sullivan/Getty ImagesThey got lost in each other...

While She SleepsMarvin Manabat/Getty ImagesAnd they stayed up watching the sun rise...

Golden Gate Bridge in the FogKirk Lougheed/Getty ImagesOccasionally things got rocky...

Over the bridgePhoenix Wang/Moment/Getty ImagesAnd sometimes it felt like they were growing apart.

Watermarkfree gyi 187728739Spondylolithesis/Getty ImagesBut no matter what, their love conquered all.