Spain, Catalonia, Montjuic, Magic Fountain of Montjuic

The Magic Fountain on Montjuic

It's like a laser show. But in Barcelona. And with water.

Every night, at the base of Barcelona's Montjuic, a crowd gathers. There are those who push to the front (some carry umbrellas), and those who opt for a more majestic view (they take a seat on the steps). Then the music starts. Then comes the water shooting to the sky in highly choreographed spouts of bright, saturated, sophisticated colors. It's the pure-wow of your first fireworks display, the wide-eyed whoooaa of your first laser show but, like, with water. The show lasts an hour.

Purple Rain Lonely Planet Purple Rain Even Silhouettes Get Wet Artur Debat Even Silhouettes Get Wet Just Add Klieg Lights José Fuste Raga Just Add Klieg Lights Dome Alone Dan Wiklund Dome Alone Touch of Blue, Touch of Pink Annie Griffiths Belt Touch of Blue, Touch of Pink Volcano-a-Go-Go Bethune Carmichael Volcano-a-Go-Go The Fourth Column Xavier Forés The Fourth Column Play Misty For Me DavidCallan Play Misty For Me It's Better With the Lights Off, Right? Driendl Group It's Better With the Lights Off, Right?