Winter Economy In The World's Coldest City

The Coldest City in the World

This Russian town's winter temperatures are as frigid as it gets.

With temperatures that average around minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months, the Siberian town of Yakutsk offers intrepid travelers the (cold) comfort of being able to claim they have walked the streets of what is said to be the coldest city on earth.

Basic Orientation Bloomberg Basic Orientation Sitting 280 miles south of the Arctic Circle, Yakutsk is a city of nearly 300,000 people on the Lena River that serves as the capital of the Yakutiya region of Eastern Siberia. In other words, it’s remote. Hmm, Have I Heard That Name Before? Bloomberg Hmm, Have I Heard That Name Before? Well, if you happen to have played the board game Risk, then you might recognize it as one of the 'territories' in Asia. What Goes on There Bloomberg What Goes on There Yakutsk is a major center for diamond extraction, and the region is home to Alrosa, the world’s largest producer of rough diamonds. How People Dress Bloomberg How People Dress You’re probably going to want to sport some fur, like the locals do. And maybe bring your contact lenses. As a writer for the Independent, who visited the city in 2008, observed: “At minus 45 celsius, even wearing glasses gets tricky: the metal sticks to your cheeks and will tear off chunks of flesh when you decide to remove them.” But Wait, Look at This Guy Bloomberg But Wait, Look at This Guy This Yakutsk man is dousing himself with a bucket of ice cold water in accordance with a health routine of the Russian mystic Porfiry Ivanov that says doing so brings one closer to nature. Basically, Everything Is Frozen Bloomberg Basically, Everything Is Frozen Like the fish in the outdoor market. And Because Everything's Frozen... Bloomberg And Because Everything's Frozen... Things move slowly, or in the case of these tankers, not at all, as ships are frequently trapped during the depths of winter. One Upside of the Freeze Bloomberg One Upside of the Freeze You can skip walking the bridges and just cross the canal by foot. Just How Cold Is It Again? Bloomberg Just How Cold Is It Again? The greater Yakutiya region has suffered a particularly chilly start to 2018, with temperatures plunging as low as minus-88 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the equivalent of minus-67 degrees Celsius. But according to the AP, this cold spell still didn't register as particularly noteworthy among local news outlets. Final Words To Live By in Yakutsk Bloomberg Final Words To Live By in Yakutsk As one visitor to National Geographic put it, “here the cold dictates everything.”