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He Walked Away From This Crazy Crash

A high-speed race, a horrific wreck — and a heroic rescue.

It was just another fast and furious day at Formula Ford (single-seat) races in Louth, England, when Nelson Rowe's Crossle 20F collided with another racer's car, flipped through the air, and was swallowed by a fireball. In a movie-script moment another driver, Callum Grant, stopped his own car and sprinted to the rescue, helping Rowe escape his flaming vehicle. These striking pictures capture the dramatic and scary sequence of events.

NOSE DOWN Mick Walker/Getty Images NOSE DOWN Formula Ford cars can reach speeds of 130 mph, making spectacular and life-threatening wrecks a real and constant peril. SENT SOARING Mick Walker/Getty Images SENT SOARING Nelson Rowe's Crossle 20F, a production race car built in 1971, flips violently through the air after colliding with race-leader Cameron Jackson. HARD LANDING Mick Walker/Getty Images HARD LANDING Rowe slammed into the ground, his car landing upside down before catching fire. TO THE RESCUE Mick Walker/Getty Images TO THE RESCUE Rival racer Callum Grant ran back from his own car to help the trapped Rowe. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS Mick Walker/Getty Images STRENGTH IN NUMBERS Grant, with the help of two spectators, managed to turn over the flaming car. LIFTED TO SAFETY Mick Walker/Getty Images LIFTED TO SAFETY Rowe is helped from the burning car, escaping serious injury. WALKING AWAY Mick Walker/Getty Images WALKING AWAY After being checked by paramedics, Rowe walked unaided to a waiting ambulance.

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