F1 Grand Prix of Monaco

Here's How You Celebrate Winning the F1 Monaco Grand Prix

A step-by-step guide to Daniel Ricciardo's post-race festivities.

After famously falling short of victory in the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix, Daniel Ricciardo finally got his redemption, winning the iconic Formula 1 race for the first time in his career. The masterful win deserved an epic celebration and the dynamic Aussie didn't disappoint. From the champagne-soaked trophy presentation to a raucous rooftop pool party, here's a step-by-step guide to the post-race festivities.

DOUBLE FISTING Dan Mullan/Getty Images DOUBLE FISTING Who has two fists and loves to go fast? This guy. HUG FOR DAD Dan Istitene/Getty Images HUG FOR DAD Proud papa Joe Ricciardo embraces the man of the hour. POPPIN' BUBBLY Dan Mullan/Getty Images POPPIN' BUBBLY In Formula 1, dry equals disappointed. Daniel Ricciardo was neither. ROYAL CHUG Mark Thompson/Getty Images ROYAL CHUG Ricciardo managed to get Princess Charlene of Monaco to partake in the post-race bubbly. GET THE BOOT Mark Thompson/Getty Images GET THE BOOT The Aussie's signature celebration isn't very germaphobe-friendly. VICTORY LEAP Mark Thompson/Getty Images VICTORY LEAP Red Bull gives you wings. But not diving lessons... PARTY CRASHING Dan Mullan/Getty Images PARTY CRASHING The belly flop hurts a little less when you're on cloud nine. GROUP SWIM Mark Thompson/Getty Images GROUP SWIM Friends don't let friends jump in alone. POUND FOR POUND Mark Thompson/Getty Images POUND FOR POUND Even photographer Mark Thompson gets some love from the champ.

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