Babe Ruth Swinging Golf Club

Babe Ruth: A Man for All Seasons

From ice fishing to bull riding, the Great Bambino could do it all.

Babe Ruth is one of the most famous athletes in sports history — and one of the most colorful. He was a man of many nicknames — "The Great Bambino"; "The Sultan of Swat"; "The Colossus of Clout" — all befitting a player with such a powerful frame and a larger-than-life personality. Ruth once said, “the only real the world is baseball,” but that didn't deter him from trying his hand in scores of other activities and hobbies. Here's a look at some of his many talents.

THE ICE FISHERMAN Bettmann Archive THE ICE FISHERMAN The Babe snags a pickerel through the ice near his farm in Sudbury, Massachusetts, in 1924. THE PHOTOGRAPHER The Stanley Weston Archive/Getty Images THE PHOTOGRAPHER Lou Gehrig poses during a 1932 portrait session with his fellow Yankees slugger. THE BUILDER Bettmann Archive THE BUILDER The man who "built" Yankee stadium does some work to his Sudbury farm house. THE GOLFER Bettmann Archive THE GOLFER The King of Swing tees off for a round of golf at Jungle Country Club ahead of Yankees' spring training in St. Petersburg, Florida, 1931. THE BOWLER Bettmann Archive THE BOWLER Ruth rolls at West End Alleys in New York City, 1945. THE BASKETBALL PLAYER Bettmann Archive THE BASKETBALL PLAYER The captain of the "Babe Ruth All-Stars" basketball team prepares for a game against the Celtics All-Stars in Passaic, New Jersey, 1921. THE JOGGER Bettmann Archive THE JOGGER The Great Bambino stays in shape with a run on Sea Spray Beach in Florida before beginning the 1930 season. THE BULL RIDER FPG/Getty Images THE BULL RIDER 'King Jess,' a Holstein bull, is no match for Ruth during a 1922 party in New Jersey. THE ARTIST Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images THE ARTIST The Colossus of Clout tries his hand in pottery in the winter of 1925. THE ANGLER Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images THE ANGLER A day off from the ball park gives the Babe some time for fishing in Central Park's reservoir in his first season as a Yankee in 1920. THE FOOTBALL PLAYER Bettmann Archive THE FOOTBALL PLAYER Iowa's Drake University football team got a treat when Ruth showed up for practice shortly after the 1929 baseball season. THE CYCLIST FPG/Getty Images THE CYCLIST Ruth holds his own spin class, training on the stationary bike at McGovern's Gym in New York City in preparation for the 1930 season. THE TOBACCONIST Donaldson Collection/Getty Images THE TOBACCONIST Ruth rolls a cigar in New York City shortly before the beginning of his inaugural season with the Yankees. THE HUNTER Sports Studio Photos/Getty Images THE HUNTER The Sultan of Swat shows off the fowl he shot during a hunting trip in Pennsylvania. THE HIGH DIVER Bettmann Archive THE HIGH DIVER The style points are a bit lacking, but the Babe gets an A for effort with this high dive at Sea Spray Beach in Florida in 1930. THE MUSICIAN Bettmann Archive THE MUSICIAN The man of many talents serenades the room while at the piano during a movie shoot in 1936.