Kentucky Derby

Bath Time at the Kentucky Derby

When the workouts are done, it's time to cool off.

It’s known as the most exciting two minutes in sports — majestic thoroughbreds shaking the sacred ground of Churchill Downs for seven furious furlongs. But like with any amazing athlete, success on race day is determined by more than just talent alone. That's why these race-hungry horses put in hours of training, pounding the track at the crack of dawn. And after practice, tuckered out and caked in dirt from head to toe, it's time hit the showers and let off a little steam.

GET A DRIP Eclipse Sportswire/Getty Images GET A DRIP Bath time at the Kentucky Derby is hard-earned and not hard on the eyes. WASHED OUT Andy Lyons/Getty Images WASHED OUT 2017 Derby contender Hence looks spent after a tough morning ride. RADIANT HEAT Jamie Squire/Getty Images RADIANT HEAT Steamy mornings are the norm in the barn area during Derby week. HEAD OF STEAM Matthew Stockman/Getty Images HEAD OF STEAM Gayego cools down after an early workout in 2008. SPLASH LANDING Eclipse Sportswire/Getty Images SPLASH LANDING The ground gets a good wash during Hofburg's post exercise bath ahead of the 144th Kentucky Derby. GOING MANE-STEAM Eclipse Sportswire/Getty Images GOING MANE-STEAM Battle of Midway lets off some hot air after a jog in 2017. SHAKE IT OFF Rob Carr/Getty Images SHAKE IT OFF Normandy Invasion prefers to air dry after getting some practice in before the 139th running. SMOKE SCREEN Al Bello/Getty Images SMOKE SCREEN Kathmanblu looks hot and keeps cool after hitting the track in 2011. GLISTEN HERE JEFF HAYNES/AFP/Getty Images GLISTEN HERE A stunning sunrise slams the barn area during bath time in 2002.