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Deadly Wildfires Rage in Greece

The worst fires in a decade devastate towns near Athens.

Devastating wildfires, fanned by high winds and soaring temperatures, continue to sweep through villages near Athens. They are the worst wildfires to hit Greece in 10 years, with the death toll rising to 80. More than 300 firefighters, five aircraft, and two helicopters have been mobilized as Greek authorities rush to evacuate stranded residents and tourists. (Above: A landscape engulfed in the town of Kineta.)

FLAMES SWALLOWING A HOUSE IN KINETA VALERIE GACHE/AFP/Getty Images FLAMES SWALLOWING A HOUSE IN KINETA The cause of the fires is not yet known but Kineta, 30 miles from Athens, was gutted by the flames, along with towns like Mati and Rafina. Cyprus and Spain offered assistance after Greece asked for help from its European Union partners. SKIES ON FIRE VALERIE GACHE/AFP/Getty Images SKIES ON FIRE DROPPING WATER ON KINETA VALERIE GACHE/AFP/Getty Images DROPPING WATER ON KINETA CHARRED CARS IN VILLAGE OF MATI ANGELOS TZORTZINIS/AFP/Getty Images CHARRED CARS IN VILLAGE OF MATI Parked cars were incinerated and, later, had to be stacked in order to allow emergency vehicles through. Some of the villages—like Mati, pictured above—are on the sea, and according to CBS News, the coast guard as well as passing boats were able to rescue more than 700 people who managed to escape to the ocean. But the fires moved so quickly that many residents couldn't get to the water in time.

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DESPERATE SCENES IN KINETA VALERIE GACHE/AFP/Getty Images DESPERATE SCENES IN KINETA WATCHING RAFINA BURN ANGELOS TZORTZINIS/AFP/Getty Images WATCHING RAFINA BURN ALL THAT REMAINS Anadolu Agency/Getty Images ALL THAT REMAINS The view from inside a home in Rafina. HOTSPOTS VALERIE GACHE/AFP/Getty Images HOTSPOTS Residents watched as cars burned, gas tanks exploded, and flaming pine cones shot through the air. Here, a firefighter looks to manage a hotspot in Kineta. DRIVING THROUGH SMOKE ANGELOS TZORTZINIS/AFP/Getty Images DRIVING THROUGH SMOKE A HOUSE BURNS IN KINETA VALERIE GACHE/AFP/Getty Images A HOUSE BURNS IN KINETA CHAOS ON THE NATIONAL ROAD VALERIE GACHE/AFP/Getty Images CHAOS ON THE NATIONAL ROAD FLAMES RISE IN RAFINA ANGELOS TZORTZINIS/AFP/Getty Images FLAMES RISE IN RAFINA ABOVE ATHENS ANGELOS TZORTZINIS/AFP/Getty Images ABOVE ATHENS Smoke billows behind the Parthenon temple — a major tourist site — on the Acropolis hill in Athens.

*This story has been updated with new information and photography.*

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