Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Upsets Rep. Joseph Crowley In NY Primary

Meet the 28-Year-Old Who Just Stunned the Political World

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated a 10-term Congressman on Tuesday.

New York politics was rocked on Tuesday night when an upstart challenger named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez soundly defeated Congressman Joe Crowley in the Democratic primary. Crowley represents New York's 14th Congressional District (it includes parts of the Bronx and Queens), has served for 10 terms, and was part of the House Democratic leadership. But all that wasn't enough to stop the 28-year-old Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the Democratic Socialists who previously organized for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign. Here, some photos from her election-night event.

CUTTING THE CAKE Scott Heins/Getty Images CUTTING THE CAKE A Bronx native, Ocasio-Cortez campaigned as a proud liberal, supporting Medicare for all, a guaranteed jobs program, criminal justice reform, fully funded public universities, and immigration reform that includes the abolishment of ICE. WAITING FOR RESULTS Scott Heins/Getty Images WAITING FOR RESULTS Ocasio-Cortez — who won with over 57 percent of the vote — painted Joseph Crowley as an out-of-touch machine politician who didn't even live in his district anymore. Crowley was the no. 4 Democrat in the House whose name was often mentioned as a possible future Speaker.

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FRIEND IN NEED Scott Heins/Getty Images FRIEND IN NEED To add to the intrigue, Ocasio-Cortez got some help and an endorsement from Cynthia Nixon, the actress and activist who's running an insurgent campaign against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in the fall Democratic primary. Nixon was at Ocasio-Cortez's victory party. GREETING SUPPORTERS Scott Heins/Getty Images GREETING SUPPORTERS "I was born in a place where your zip code determines your destiny," Ocasio-Cortez said in a biographical video that got a lot of attention last month. COMPUTER TIME Scott Heins/Getty Images COMPUTER TIME Though stunned by the results, Crowley immediately endorsed Ocasio-Cortez in the fall general election. He also played guitar for the supporters at his election-night party and dedicated his first song to his opponent: "Born to Run."

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