Despite Trump Executive Order, Over 2300 Migrant Children Still Held In Camps

Family Separation: The Fight Continues

Around the country, demonstrators voiced opposition to Trump's immigration policy. But in McAllen, Texas, things got heated.

President Trump's controversial "zero-tolerance" immigration policy was the focus of protestors and rallies over the weekend. Demonstrators in Los Angeles converged on the federal building to donate toys to the kids separated from their parents at the border, while in Brooklyn, there was a "stroller rally." But the most dramatic demonstration erupted in McAllen, Texas, where protestors tried to block a bus carrying migrant children from leaving a detention center.

REFLECTION OF THE TIMES Spencer Platt/Getty Images REFLECTION OF THE TIMES Undocumented children on the bus watched protesters scuffle with police and Border Patrol agents as demonstrators blocked their bus from leaving the detention center in McAllen, Texas. Protesters formed a human chain to block the bus while chanting "We see you! We love you!" More than 2,300 children have been separated from their parents in recent weeks under the Trump administration's controversial "zero-tolerance" policy. TAKING ACTION Spencer Platt/Getty Images TAKING ACTION The bus retreated to the detention center but then police and Border Patrol agents surrounded the bus, allowing it to depart. CNN reported that when asked about the bus' destination, an ICE spokesman told a reporter to contact Health & Human Services; when contacted, HHS told the reporter to ask ICE.

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IN THE WAY Spencer Platt/Getty Images IN THE WAY While the government has reported that 500 children have been reunited with their parents, California Congresswoman Jackie Speier, who toured the McAllen detention facility earlier in the day, said, "In terms of reunification, I have zero — zero — understanding that anyone has been reunited with their parents." PUSHING BACK Spencer Platt/Getty Images PUSHING BACK After visiting the McAllen detention facility, according to Newsweek, Congresswoman Speier and a group of lawmakers told reporters they saw children sleeping behind bars, on concrete floors, and under emergency "mylar" heat-resistant blankets. Under pressure, President Trump signed an executive order that changed his policy about separating families, but critics argue that that simply means they all be put in detention centers together for an extended period of time. EMOTIONAL ENCOUNTER Spencer Platt/Getty Images EMOTIONAL ENCOUNTER A protester against family separation attempts to hold back a fellow protester. THE BUS DEPARTS Spencer Platt/Getty Images THE BUS DEPARTS

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