The Lost World

China: Where World Monuments Go to Die

Explore the lost world of China's Wanguo Park

Replicas of some of the world’s most iconic landmarks have famously been recreated across many parts of China, but in Wanguo Park in Wuhan, they've taken on an eerie vibe. Construction on the park was halted in 2000, leaving all these recognizable structures behind. The abandoned works have just become part of the landscape at Wuhan’s East Lake tourist park.

The Windmills of Holland Wang He/Getty Images The Windmills of Holland The Pyramids of Egypt Wang He/Getty Images The Pyramids of Egypt The Parthenon of Greece Wang He/Getty Images The Parthenon of Greece Karnak Temple of Egypt Wang He/Getty Images Karnak Temple of Egypt The Little Mermaid of Denmark Wang He/Getty Images The Little Mermaid of Denmark Neuschwanstein Castle of Germany Wang He/Getty Images Neuschwanstein Castle of Germany