British Graffiti Artist Banksy Puts Up New Works In Paris

Banksy Takes Paris

Eight new pieces, believed to be the handiwork of the British street artist, have emerged in the French capital.

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Whether by design or simply by accident, the first in a series of eight new pieces credited to Banksy was discovered in Paris on June 20, aka World Refugee Day. Given the frescoes' apparent messaging — a critique on France's migrant policies — it doesn't seem likely the timing was coincidental. (Banksy has since posted on Instagram that the works are in commemoration of the 1968 uprising in Paris.) Here, a look at the latest additions to Banksy's oeuvre.

THE LITTLE GIRL PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images THE LITTLE GIRL Reportedly the first Banksy to be discovered on World Refugee Day, this work depicts a young black girl painting over a swastika and is located near a former center of initial reception for refugees. WHAT'S THE DAMAGE Chesnot/Getty Images WHAT'S THE DAMAGE Just days after its discovery, the piece has already been vandalized.

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MINNIE RAT Chesnot/Getty Images MINNIE RAT Rats are a recurring motif in Banksy's work. Here, one gets an ironic Disney makeover. A DOG AND HIS BONE Chesnot/Getty Images A DOG AND HIS BONE In the most gruesome of the new works, a man is pictured offering an outstretched bone to a dog — likely the same bone recently severed from the canine's body. CHEERS TO THAT? Chesnot/Getty Images CHEERS TO THAT? The second of four new rat-themed pieces (the third, not pictured, shows a rodent readying to blow something up), finds one of the little creatures riding a recently popped champagne cork. RED RIDING HOOD Chesnot/Getty Images RED RIDING HOOD "Napoleon Crossing the Alps" by French painter Jacques-Louis David is believed to be the inspiration for this piece. SILENT MOURNER Chesnot/Getty Images SILENT MOURNER Banksy has yet to take credit for this piece, located on a side street to the Bataclan concert hall where a terrorist attack killed 90 people in 2015. IN THE SHADOW OF THE EIFFEL THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images IN THE SHADOW OF THE EIFFEL Two rats share an afternoon stroll.

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