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20 Kisses We Can't Unsee

Feel the ugh this Valentine’s Day.

Elizabethsalleebauer/RooM/Getty Images Not a fan of Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry: You have officially entered the no-sap zone. Check out 20 shameless, strange, or downright bad kisses, all compiled for the hater in you.


Stuntin' Kevin Kane/WireImage/Getty ImagesStuntin'Madonna and Britney do it for the culture (and, obviously, the cameras) during the 2003 MTV VMA’s. Kiss of Death, Redefined Fox Photos/Getty ImagesKiss of Death, Redefined Reaching Anadolu Agency/Getty ImagesReaching
Backseat Shenanigans Hulton Archive/Getty ImagesBackseat ShenanigansReally, Kids? Broad Daylight? Sluuuuurp! ElizabethsalleebauerSluuuuurp! Um, This Ain’t Woodstock William Lovelace/Getty ImagesUm, This Ain’t WoodstockEveryone around this couple at the Isle of Wight fest looks very uncomfortable.
This Isn’t Stiff, Nope, Not at All AFP/AFP/Getty ImagesThis Isn’t Stiff, Nope, Not at AllMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley: their passion blossomed on (you guessed it) MTV. Too. Much. Tongue Patrick Riviere/Getty ImagesToo. Much. TongueContestants participate in a chocolate-licking contest in Sydney, Australia… all for $500 and a year’s supply of ice cream. Un-Bearable Jill Freedman/Getty ImagesUn-Bearable
Incoming! LUKE FRAZZA/AFP/Getty ImagesIncoming!

RowdyrodentsAnolis01Raunchy Rodents

Polly Wanted a Cracker, Though Fox Photos/Getty ImagesPolly Wanted a Cracker, Though
At Least Somebody’s Winning? Rich Lam/Getty ImagesAt Least Somebody’s Winning?A couple in Vancouver memorably made out amid riots after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup. Sand Everywhere = Very Itchy Hulton Archive/Getty ImagesSand Everywhere = Very Itchy But Doesn’t That Roll on the… Oh, Never Mind Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty ImagesBut Doesn’t That Roll on the… Oh, Never Mind
Aw, C’mon, Ma David Cheskin - PA Images/PA Images via Getty ImagesAw, C’mon, Ma Love Is Messy Nick Ansell - PA Images/PA Images via Getty ImagesLove Is MessyAfter a mud race in Essex... congratulations? Shameless Smooch Philip Ramey Photography, LLC/Corbis via Getty ImagesShameless SmoochFormer reality TV stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt use PDA to bait paparazzi and promote her songs on iTunes.
The Ferret Does Not Approve Marcos del Mazo/LightRocket via Getty ImagesThe Ferret Does Not Approve
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