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Royal Babies! Christenings Through the Years

Before they were kings and queens, they were little babies in frilly gowns.

Family tradition is big for the British royal family — even for its little members. Royal babies have been christened for generations, receiving their christening names, donning flouncy outfits, being cooed at and, thankfully, photographed. Here, royal christenings reaching back through the years, from little Prince Louis to the baby that would become King Edward VIII.


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THE CAMBRIDGES AND CREW Handout/The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge via Getty Images THE CAMBRIDGES AND CREW Kate Middleton, aka Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, holds her newest baby, Prince Louis, flanked by the rest of the royal family. TAKE ME TO CHURCH WPA Pool/Getty Images TAKE ME TO CHURCH 'ALLO TO THE ARCHBISHOP WPA Pool/Getty Images 'ALLO TO THE ARCHBISHOP PRINCESS CHARLOTTE, 2015 Chris Jackson/Getty Images PRINCESS CHARLOTTE, 2015 PEEKABOO WPA Pool/Getty Images PEEKABOO Charlotte's big brother, Prince George, checks on his little sister ahead of her christening. WHEN THERE WERE FOUR Chris Jackson/Getty Images WHEN THERE WERE FOUR PRINCE GEORGE, 2013 AFP/AFP/Getty Images PRINCE GEORGE, 2013 JUST CHRISTENED AFP/AFP/Getty Images JUST CHRISTENED Before Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte, it was just Prince George and his parents. PRINCE HARRY, 1984 PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images PRINCE HARRY, 1984 OH BROTHER PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images OH BROTHER Harry's big brother, Prince William, steals the show, running away from the portrait session. PRINCE WILLIAM, 1982 Mirrorpix/Getty Images PRINCE WILLIAM, 1982 NEW PARENTS Tim Graham/Getty Images NEW PARENTS Princess Diana and Prince Charles admire their new baby. THE ROYAL FAMILY PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images THE ROYAL FAMILY PRINCESS ANNE, 1950 Central Press/Getty Images PRINCESS ANNE, 1950 Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) holds her daughter, Princess Anne. CENTER OF ATTENTION Fox Photos/Getty Images CENTER OF ATTENTION OH BROTHER, PART II Keystone/Getty Images OH BROTHER, PART II Toddler Prince Charles escapes the couch. PRINCE CHARLES, 1948 Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images PRINCE CHARLES, 1948 Princess Elizabeth holds baby Prince Charles, the eventual father of Princes William and Harry. GREAT-GRANDMOTHER Hulton Deutsch/Corbis via Getty Images GREAT-GRANDMOTHER Prince Charles is held by his great-grandmother, Queen Mary, at his 1948 christening. THE FUTURE QUEEN ELIZABETH II, 1926 Popperfoto/Popperfoto/Getty Images THE FUTURE QUEEN ELIZABETH II, 1926 Baby Queen Elizabeth II rests in her mother Elizabeth's arm as King George VI looks on. ALL LINED UP Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images ALL LINED UP THE FUTURE KING EDWARD VIII, 1894 W. and D. Downey/Getty Images THE FUTURE KING EDWARD VIII, 1894 In the arms of his great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. A FAMILY AFFAIR Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images A FAMILY AFFAIR

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