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A Royal Photographer Remembers Prince Harry as a Child

Photographer Tim Graham has taken thousands of photographs of the royal family in public and, by invitation, in private. As the day of Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle approaches, Graham reflects on these charming photos of Harry growing up.


"His parents were keen for him to live as normal a life as possible, but growing up as third in line to the throne inevitably meant Harry had to learn to face the cameras from a young age. A TV crew from ITN (Independent Television News) was making a documentary on the Prince and Princess of Wales called ‘In Private, In Public.’ I was there to photograph the royal couple and the young princes at home in the drawing room of Kensington Palace."

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales & Tim Graham Tim Graham/Getty Images

"This might look like a quiet moment for the princess and her two sons at the piano, but what isn’t obvious is that a full-rig film crew was in the room at the time. The still from the TV film shows that Prince Charles, standing close to me, had a trick up his sleeve — well actually, on his head: a flapping handkerchief, to try to keep the boys’ attention focused on my camera."

QUIET MOMENT? (OCTOBER 4, 1985) Tim Graham/Getty Images QUIET MOMENT? (OCTOBER 4, 1985)

"I’ve had a number of photo sessions at home with the royal family, normally just me and them. This wasn’t among the calmest! While taking this picture of a quiet moment between Prince Charles and young Prince Harry, I had Prince William, egged on by the princess, hide a toy car in my suit pocket while the film crew was milling around recording the antics. As I packed up my gear at the end of the session, I breathed a sigh of relief that despite the mayhem, the session had produced some good images."

BIG BROTHER (OCTOBER 22, 1985) Tim Graham/Getty Images BIG BROTHER (OCTOBER 22, 1985)

"I was back at Kensington Palace again when Harry took his first few steps, in October 1985. Big brother William was there lending a hand."

William And Harry Rocking Horse Tim Graham/Getty Images

"When I’d had this picture developed, I realized one of my pictures taken earlier that year — when the princes had joined their parents on the royal yacht in Venice — had been framed and put on display (seen here on the furniture in the background). Several years later I was told that Princess Diana had created a large photo montage featuring many of the images I'd taken of her and the family over the years."

HOME IN HIGHGROVE (JULY 14, 1986) Tim Graham/Getty Images HOME IN HIGHGROVE (JULY 14, 1986)

"Highgrove, their country home, was the scene for this picture. I chose the wildflower meadow as a setting because it meant I could get the house in the background and highlight a feature of the garden that linked in with the prince’s great interest in conservation and the natural world."

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (JULY 18, 1986) Tim Graham/Getty Images CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (JULY 18, 1986)

"I’d been invited to Highgrove to photograph the royals relaxing at home for a book that was helping raise funds for the Prince of Wales Charities Trust. The young princes appeared wearing mini uniforms of the parachute regiment — their father is colonel-in-chief. It was a foretaste of the military service that would lie ahead for each of them."

The Princes At The Helicopter Tim Graham/Getty Images

"I’d taken some pictures of them with Prince Charles earlier, but he'd had to head off in a Royal Flight helicopter that was standing by to take him to a series of events. While he was getting changed into a suit, the boys were invited aboard the helicopter."

GUIDING HAND (JUNE 29, 1989) Tim Graham/Getty Images GUIDING HAND (JUNE 29, 1989)

"Back at Kensington Palace, this time to photograph a military parade. The princes turning up with their father was unexpected. Prince Harry looks a little nervous, but there was a guiding hand from his father, and he and his brother behaved impeccably."


"Harry’s first day at school, age 5. Two boys in smart school uniform — very cute, very ordinary, except they were boldly facing an international press corps of around a hundred on this occasion."

PAGE BOY (SEPTEMBER 16, 1989) Tim Graham/Getty Images PAGE BOY (SEPTEMBER 16, 1989)

"Five-year-old Prince Harry was a pageboy at the wedding of his uncle (Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer) — but this was unfortunate timing, as it was on the same day my own 5-year-old son, Tom, was to be a pageboy at the wedding of his godmother. An 80-mile dash meant I was able to catch the tail end of my son’s proud moment. Quite often, royal events clashed with family events. I’d had a sleepless night before an important session to photograph 6-month-old Prince William at home with his parents in Kensington Palace. Reason for the lack of sleep? Not nerves for an important photo session, but our newborn daughter just home from hospital: As new dad I kept getting up to check she was breathing! The prince and princess were amused and sympathetic."

HUG WITH DAD (MAY 19, 1990) Tim Graham/Getty Images HUG WITH DAD (MAY 19, 1990)

"I took many photographs of the princess being affectionate with her sons, but Prince Charles was normally more reserved when in public. This moment between Prince Charles and a very young Harry came after I'd photographed the prince playing polo."

GAP YEAR (NOVEMBER 27, 2003) Tim Graham/Getty Images GAP YEAR (NOVEMBER 27, 2003)

"Here’s a photo of Prince Harry in the Australian Outback as a jackeroo ranch hand during his gap year. A round trip of more than 20,000 miles of flying and 600 miles of driving for a five-minute photo session!"

A FAMILIAR FACE (APRIL 12, 2006) Tim Graham/Getty Images A FAMILIAR FACE (APRIL 12, 2006)

"By 2006, 17 years after I’d photographed the shy young prince watching his first military parade, it was a confident Prince Harry in the frame at his passing out parade at Sandhurst Military Academy, standing in line for inspection by the Queen."

prince charles princess diana with the newly born prince henry the picture  e51c1ad6 d0c3 4c3d 83ba bf2997fd10cd Tim Graham/Getty Images

"Having photographed Prince Harry from his first appearance in public at just two days old, I've seen and photographed so many of the important stages of his life. He is a fantastic asset to the royal family and this country and I can see Meghan will be, too. I hope they will have a wonderful wedding day and many, many happy years ahead of them."

Tim Graham’s travels photographing the royal family for more than 30 years took him to well over 100 countries. He's returning to some of the countries he visited during his many royal tours, but this time in a more relaxed way, bringing his camera as he explores both familiar and new sights, with a selection of images featured on his website.

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