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How Harry and Meghan Are Breaking Royal Tradition

Spoiler: Fruitcake's days are numbered.

Prince Harry has always been the rebel of his family, so it would stand to reason that for his wedding to American actress Meghan Markle on May 19, he might not follow the royal playbook to the letter. And, in this, Prince Harry and his fiancee do not disappoint. Here, four (mostly cool) ways the couple is parting with protocol.

THE INVITATIONS: DON'T CALL HER "MISS" WPA Pool/Getty Images THE INVITATIONS: DON'T CALL HER "MISS" Though the ceremonial stationery looks like your standard fare — it was crafted in the workshop of Barnard and Westwood, who've been printing for the crown since 1985 — look closely at the wording and you'll see something different. While most royal wedding invitations typically use the prefix "Miss" for the bride-to-be, Markle is instead using the prefix "Ms." Whether owing to her previous marriage or a more modern (read: feminist) approach to wedding planning, Ms. Markle is certainly bucking conventions. THE WEDDING DAY: SATURDAY IS THE NEW WEDNESDAY Handout/Alexi Lubomirski via Getty Image THE WEDDING DAY: SATURDAY IS THE NEW WEDNESDAY Prince Harry and Meghan will say their "I Do's" on a Saturday, which is fairly atypical for a royal wedding. Most affairs take place on a week day (Prince William and Kate's was on a Friday; Prince Charles and Diana's was on a Wednesday) and are often declared bank holidays in a show of national pride. This time around, Brits hoping to take the day off will have to call in sick — Prime Minister Theresa May will not be declaring a bank holiday. (One notable upside: Pubs are being granted later closing hours.) THE CAKE: FAREWELL, FRUITCAKE VICTORIA JONES/AFP/Getty Images THE CAKE: FAREWELL, FRUITCAKE American-born baker Claire Ptak, who owns London's Violet bakery, will whip up the reception confections. She will be eschewing the traditional fruitcake (sorry, fruitcake) in favor of a more seasonally appropriate base of lemon elderflower, topped with buttercream and decorated with fresh flower. THE BALCONY KISS: NO PHOTO OPP Chris Ison - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images THE BALCONY KISS: NO PHOTO OPP When it comes to the balcony kiss, well, you can kiss it goodbye. At least in the case of Prince Harry and Meghan. A palace spokesperson confirmed earlier this month that the couple would not be posing for the iconic shot after walking down the aisle. While an official reason was not given, one could surmise that St. George's lack of a balcony might have something to do with it. So, instead, the public's last look at the newlyweds will be during the carriage processional leaving Windsor Castle.

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