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A Royal Photographer Shares His Favorite Harry and Meghan Moments

Since September 2017, all eyes have been on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they announced their relationship and subsequent engagement to the world. Fans, photographers, journalists, and video teams will soon head to Windsor to witness and record a happy moment in royal history, with millions more tuning in globally on May 19 to watch the prince exchange vows with his American fiancée. One of the photographers who has been documenting their journey during these whirlwind months is royal photographer Chris Jackson. Here, Jackson discusses some of his most memorable moments capturing the couple so far.

FIRST PHOTO (SEPTEMBER 25, 2017) Chris Jackson/Getty Images FIRST PHOTO (SEPTEMBER 25, 2017)

"I’ve photographed the Invictus Games from the start. Inspiration for the games came from Prince Harry’s visit to the Warrior Games in Colorado, where, in his own words, he ‘stole’ the idea to create an event that could help and inspire a group of people (injured or ailing members of the armed services) who had sacrificed so much for their country — something he had seen first-hand during his experiences in Afghanistan. The inaugural London Invictus Games (in 2014) was inspiring, to put it mildly, and it was a great success. There really was no better place than the Invictus Games in Toronto in 2017 for Prince Harry to introduce his girlfriend to the world. They walked out together hand-in-hand to watch the wheelchair tennis, and it was lovely to see such a relaxed interaction between them. A new and exciting time ahead for the British royal family."

ENGAGEMENT (NOVEMBER 27, 2017) Chris Jackson/Getty Images ENGAGEMENT (NOVEMBER 27, 2017)

"It was a pretty drab and chilly Monday morning when Kensington Palace announced the engagement — but suddenly, things brightened up. The nation had a royal wedding to look forward to! After months of speculation following the Invictus appearance, it seemed to catch everyone by surprise when the news finally came through. Poignantly, they held the engagement photo-call in Kensington Palace Gardens, somewhere that meant so much to Princess Diana. It was lovely to capture these first moments of a very happy couple in such a special place."


"This visit to the Terrence Higgins Trust charity fair in Nottingham was their first public engagement together. Prince Harry has visited a huge amount in the past, and I’m sure he saw this as an opportunity for Meghan to see some of the great work that has been done with young people there."

THE WAVE (DECEMBER 1, 2017) Chris Jackson/Getty Images THE WAVE (DECEMBER 1, 2017)

"In Nottingham, large crowds lined the narrow streets. I loved this moment as a lady from Toronto shouted out to Meghan, who waved back at her."

FIRST CHRISTMAS (DECEMBER 25, 2017) Chris Jackson/Getty Images FIRST CHRISTMAS (DECEMBER 25, 2017)

"Christmas at Sandringham is an important time for the royal family, and as they made their annual walk up to Sandringham Church on Christmas Day morning, it was lovely to see Prince Harry joined by his fiancée. I caught this moment of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle bowing and curtsying to the Queen as she left the service."

BRIXTON (JANUARY 9, 2018) Chris Jackson/Getty Images BRIXTON (JANUARY 9, 2018)

"One of their first royal engagements of the year was a trip to Reprezent Radio in Brixton, London. A crowd had gathered to catch a glimpse of the famous couple, and as they shouted across to the royals on arrival, Meghan gave a tentative wave back. One of the DJs at this event offered up his business card and services to DJ at the wedding. I wonder if he got the gig."

CARDIFF (JANUARY 18, 2018) Chris Jackson/Getty Images CARDIFF (JANUARY 18, 2018)

"This visit to my hometown started off a little later than normal, with the couple held up by train delays. A large group of schoolchildren who had gathered to meet them sang songs as they tried to stay warm. When Prince Harry and Meghan arrived, over an hour late, they took the time to meet as many people as possible. At one point, Meghan even wrote a note for a very lucky 10-year-old, Caitlin Clarke from Marlborough Primary School. That’s something she can treasure for a long time to come."

EDINBURGH (FEBRUARY 13, 2018) Chris Jackson/Getty Images EDINBURGH (FEBRUARY 13, 2018)

"Outside Edinburgh Castle, with Meghan in her tartan coat, the crowds were over three deep at some points."

BELFAST (MARCH 23, 2018) Chris Jackson/Getty Images BELFAST (MARCH 23, 2018)

"Kept secret until the last minute, the visit to Northern Ireland was another stop on Prince Harry and Meghan’s tour ahead of their wedding. Despite the secrecy, crowds still gathered in the city center in droves. Cheers went out as the couple emerged from one of the oldest pubs in Belfast, the Crown Liquor Salon."

BELFAST (MARCH 23, 2018) Chris Jackson/Getty Images BELFAST (MARCH 23, 2018)

"I photographed the couple visiting a technology innovation center, and the soft light streaming through the window was an ideal opportunity for some nice portraits."

WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT (APRIL 19, 2018) Chris Jackson/Getty Images WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT (APRIL 19, 2018)

"During the incredibly busy week of CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting), Meghan and Harry were involved in a number of different areas. I photographed them at a reception promoting women's empowerment, and I loved this little moment between them, with the Lichtenstein-esque branding 'Leave No Girl Behind' in the background."

A ROYAL LAUGH (FEBRUARY 28, 2018) Chris Jackson/Getty Images A ROYAL LAUGH (FEBRUARY 28, 2018)

"With a background in charity work, Meghan Markle is a great fit to become the fourth patron of the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. The foundation is an umbrella organization that supports the charitable interests of the royals. It was at the annual Royal Foundation Forum in London that I photographed the two couples together as they took to the stage to talk about their plans, and they all burst out laughing after a light-hearted question from the interviewer. I got the sense from the event that Meghan is going to be a huge asset to the organization and will bring a wealth of experience from her own previous charitable endeavors."

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