Royalty - Princess Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh Wedding - Westminster Abbey

A Royal Wedding Scrapbook

Three centuries of marriages and the monarchy.

The British royal family has been around for a long time — much, much longer than photography. But starting with the 1863 wedding of Princess Alexandra of Denmark to Prince Edward, Queen Victoria's heir apparent, photographers have documented their majesties' marriages with increasing thoroughness. Below, photos of happy couples, romantic carriage rides, blissful balcony appearances, adoring crowds, and one very fancy cake, in FOTO's royal-wedding scrapbook.

ALEXANDRA AND EDWARD Hulton Archive/Getty Images ALEXANDRA AND EDWARD On their wedding day, March 10, 1863, Princess Alexandra and Prince Edward pose with Queen Victoria. The Queen wears black, mourning the 1861 death of her husband, Prince Albert. MARY AND GEORGE W. and D. Downey/Getty Images MARY AND GEORGE Princess Mary of Teck and Prince George, Duke of York, were married at the Chapel Royal at St. James' Palace on July 6, 1893. ELIZABETH AND ALBERT PA Images via Getty Images ELIZABETH AND ALBERT Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon wed Prince Albert, Duke of York, on April 26, 1923, at Westminster Abbey. At the time, Prince Albert, aka "Bertie," was second in the line of succession; his older brother Edward was first. When Edward abdicated in 1936, Albert claimed the throne. (Pictured: Lady Elizabeth and Prince Albert appear on the balcony at Buckingham Palace on their wedding day.) STEADFAST SPECTATORS Topical Press Agency/Getty Images STEADFAST SPECTATORS Waiting in the rain on the morning of Albert and Elizabeth's wedding. WALLIS AND EDWARD Bettmann Archive WALLIS AND EDWARD Edward gave up his throne to marry Wallis Simpson, an American socialite and divorcee. (The last part is crucial: The Church of England disapproved of divorcees remarrying while their former spouses were still alive, and the English government threatened to resign if Edward wed Wallis without abdicating.) The couple made their vows on June 3, 1937 at the Château de Condé near Tours, France. ELIZABETH AND PHILIP British Combine/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images ELIZABETH AND PHILIP Princess Elizabeth married Philip, Duke of Edinburgh on November 20, 1947. Five years later, she became Queen Elizabeth II, and five years after that, he became Prince Philip. DOWN THE AISLE Popperfoto/Getty Images DOWN THE AISLE Elizabeth and Philip wed at Westminster Abbey in London. A CARRIAGE RIDE Bentley Archive/Popperfoto/Getty Images A CARRIAGE RIDE The happy couple returns to Buckingham Palace after their wedding. A GREETING Keystone/Getty Images A GREETING The Princess and the Duke wave to the crowd. A VERY FANCY CAKE J. A. Hampton/Getty Images A VERY FANCY CAKE Elizabeth and Philip's four-tier, 9-foot wedding cake was made by the British baker and confectioner McVitie & Price. GOOD SEATS Topical Press Agency/Getty Images GOOD SEATS Especially loyal subjects saving seats for Elizabeth and Philip's wedding procession. UP PERISCOPE Picture Post/Getty Images UP PERISCOPE Spectators use portable periscopes to see above the crowd at Buckingham Palace. WELL WISHERS E. Brookes/Getty Images WELL WISHERS Members of the Royal Horse Guard send their best to the royal couple; no word on what's in the cups. DIANA AND CHARLES Lichfield/Getty Images DIANA AND CHARLES Prince Charles married Lady Diana on July 29, 1981. BRIDESMAIDS Lichfield/Getty Images BRIDESMAIDS Diana with her bridesmaids at Buckingham Palace. AT ST. PAUL'S Hulton Archive/Getty Images AT ST. PAUL'S The bride and groom at St. Paul's Cathedral in London. ANOTHER CARRIAGE RIDE Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images ANOTHER CARRIAGE RIDE The Prince and Princess ride to Buckingham Palace after their wedding. A KISS Tim Graham/Getty Images A KISS The happy couple kisses on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. MATCHING HATS Keystone/Getty Images MATCHING HATS Two girls celebrate the royal wedding in commemorative hats. CAMILLA AND CHARLES Pool/Getty Images CAMILLA AND CHARLES Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles on April 11, 2005. (Charles and Diana divorced in 1996.) WILL AND KATE WPA Pool/Getty Images WILL AND KATE Prince William, second in line to the British throne, married Kate Middleton on April 29, 2011. (You can read all about their wedding — and see many more photos — here.) JUST WED John Phillips/UK Press via Getty Images JUST WED The newlyweds drive off in Prince Charles' vintage Aston Martin. Next up: Meghan and Harry! PRINCESS ELIZABETH'S DRESSQueen Elizaebth II was known as Princess Elizabeth at the time of her own wedding, in 1947. Learn the story behind her wedding dress, above.

Correction: An earlier version of this article referred to Prince Albert's older brother, who abdicated the British throne in 1936, as James. His name was Edward.