preparations continue for this years 90th oscars on march 1 2018 in picture

Rolling Out the Red Carpet: Getting Ready for the Oscars

It's not just stars who need a little wardrobe and makeup

The 90th annual Academy Awards may not kick-off until Sunday with host Jimmy Kimmel at the helm, but crews have been hard at work since Tuesday dressing up Hollywood's Dolby Theatre for its big night. Here, your all-access pass to the preparations.

In Shambles Christopher Polk/Getty Images In Shambles The Dolby Theatre, formerly known as the Kodak Theatre, has been home to the Oscars since 2002. It's rented out to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for weeks leading up to the show, giving designers and construction crews early access to begin the transformation. Let It Roll Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Let It Roll Just how much red carpet are we talking here? In 2017, Signature Systems Group — the flooring company who's been working with the Oscars since 2008 — told "The L.A. Times" that they laid more than 50,000 square feet of the stuff each year. (To put that into perspective, a football field is 57,600 square feet.) A Carpet By Any Other Name Christopher Polk/Getty Images A Carpet By Any Other Name Ready to have your mind blown by a bit of upholstery trivia? The "red carpet" isn't actually red. (GASP!) The carpet is actually an exclusive shade closer to burgundy dubbed "Academy Red," meant to be more flattering for stars as they're photographed and filmed. Hollywood magic at it again! All in the Details Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images All in the Details With photo ops on nearly every inch of the carpet, no decorative backdrop can be overlooked. Here, scenic artist Dena D'Angelo — who's beautified the ceremony for years — touches up an installation. The Room (Next to the Room) Where It Happens Christopher Polk/Getty Images The Room (Next to the Room) Where It Happens And, of course, preparations aren't just happening outside. Here, a glimpse into the greenroom where stars will mix and mingle as they await their turn to present on the Dolby stage. The green plush couches are a nice, winking touch.