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The Kingdom Choir: Royal Wedding Singers Sign With Sony

They sang at Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding. Now, they have a record deal.

Who can forget their stunning rendition of "Stand By Me" at Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding in May? Kingdom Choir, the gospel choir that performed the classic pop song in front of an estimated global TV audience of 1.9 billion people, announced on July 24 that they have signed a major record deal with Sony Music. According to the BBC, the group will soon head to the studio to prepare an album for release this November that will include their arrangement of the Ben E. King song. Here's more about the show-stopping singers.

OUTSIDE KENSINGTON PALACE Jeff Spicer/Getty Images OUTSIDE KENSINGTON PALACE Led by conductor Karen Gibson, the British choir, based in London, has been performing around the world for over 20 years. After the royal wedding, their fame skyrocketed: The BBC video alone of their performance on YouTube has been viewed more than 3 million times, and their website reportedly crashed twice from all the new attention. KAREN GIBSON CONDUCTS Jeff Spicer/Getty Images KAREN GIBSON CONDUCTS In an interview with the Guardian after the wedding, Gibson joked about their new online fame: "They did a Bad Lip Reading of us. If you make it on to that, then you’ve made it." A former teacher, Gibson started pursuing music full time in the mid 1990s. Her choir first took off when they were asked to perform for the BBC's 35th anniversary show, and they later performed at the Queen's Jubilee, among other major events.

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IN PERFECT HARMONY Jeff Spicer/Getty Images IN PERFECT HARMONY The royal wedding however, was their biggest stage by far. The choir met with Meghan and Harry beforehand at Kensington Palace to work out the details. "They seemed really in love," Gibson recalled. "They are like any other couple in life and any other couple who want to get it just so." ALL SMILES Jeff Spicer/Getty Images ALL SMILES SPIRITUALLY UPLIFTING Mike Marsland/WireImage SPIRITUALLY UPLIFTING Gibson is a firm believer in the power of gospel music, whether or not singers are Christian. "I’ve taught Buddhists, I’ve taught Muslims, I’ve taught witches, and they have absolutely loved it," she told the Guardian. "I believe that when you’re singing, the sound comes out and the words go in and if they’re words of joy then they’re going to cause joy."

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