David Bowie Portrait Session

At Home With a Young David Bowie

Forgotten photos of a teenaged Starman.

Before he was Ziggy Stardust; before he was the Thin White Duke; heck, before he was even David Bowie, the six-time Grammy-winner was simply a British lad named Davie Jones (not to be confused with the Monkee of the same name) trying to make it in the music biz. Here, in a series of forgotten photos snapped in his London flat, circa 1966, we find a portrait of the artist as a young man — approximately a year before the release of his debut album, "David Bowie."

Composed Composer Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images Composed Composer Before embarking on a solo career, the singer-songwriter was a member of numerous bands — including the Konrads and the King Bees — often playing at parties and weddings. His first single, "Liza Jane," which was credited to Davie Jones and the King Bees, would underperform. His ambitions eventually outstripped these bands, and he decided to pursue singular stardom instead. There Can Only Be One Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images There Can Only Be One Annoyed over confusion with the other Davy Jones, Bowie changed his name in 1965, taking inspiration from American pioneer (and knife enthusiast) James Bowie. Under Pressure Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images Under Pressure Bowie released his first solo single, "The Laughing Gnome," in 1967. It too failed to chart. Cheers to the Future Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images Cheers to the Future But of course those early failures didn't stop Bowie. He'd notch his first hit, "Space Oddity," just a few years later in 1969. And the rest, well, it's the stuff of rock 'n' roll legend.

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