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Strange and Striking Scenes From China Fashion Week

It's lights, camera, vogue in Beijing.

In Orbit Lintao Zhang/Getty Images In Orbit Mao Geping, March 26 Brush Your Shoulders Off Lintao Zhang/Getty Images Brush Your Shoulders Off International Young Fashion Designers Contest, March 25 Ice Queen Auditions Yanshan Zhang/Getty Images Ice Queen Auditions Mao Geping, March 26 Keeping It Simple STR/AFP/Getty Images Keeping It Simple Li Ying, March 27 Somewhere Over the Rainbow Lintao Zhang/Getty Images Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mao Geping, March 26 Millenial Pink Monster VCG/VCG via Getty Images Millenial Pink Monster Hu Sheguang, March 25 Dépêche Mode Yanshan Zhang/Getty Images Dépêche Mode Mao Geping, March 26 Blue-Collar Job STR/AFP/Getty Images Blue-Collar Job Grace Chen, March 26 Advanced Style VCG/VCG via Getty Images Advanced Style Grace Chen, March 26 I Can See Your Halo Yanshan Zhang/Getty Images I Can See Your Halo Mao Geping, March 26 A is for Antlers Yanshan Zhang/Getty Images A is for Antlers Lanyu, March 25 Loungewear Yanshan Zhang/Getty Images Loungewear Mao Geping, March 26 Mirror, Mirror Yanshan Zhang/Getty Images Mirror, Mirror Mao Geping, March 26 Neon Dreams (or Nightmares?) FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images Neon Dreams (or Nightmares?) Hu Sheguang, March 25