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Tom Cruise in the 1980s

Back when he was a hot young actor into skinny ties and elbow patches.

At age 56, Tom Cruise is still flinging himself off buildings to make movie magic. Back in the 1980s, though, the star of this week's "Mission: Impossible — Fallout" was just another young, hungry actor looking to make it big and party with the Brat Pack. Here, a look back at Cruise as he tried to make all the right moves. Above: Cruise in 1983.

BABY FACE Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images BABY FACE Cruise wasn't yet 20 in 1981, when he starred in his first two movies — there was a small role in the Brooke Shields romance "Endless Love" and a showier turn as a machine-gun-happy military cadet in "Taps." JACKET AND TIE Barry King/WireImage JACKET AND TIE At the time, young Cruise favored a classic '80s preppy look with blazers and skinny ties.

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POPPING COLLARS, PART 1 Fotos International/Getty Images POPPING COLLARS, PART 1 With Brat Pack buddies Rob Lowe and Emilio Estevez at a premiere party in 1982. The following year, they'd co-star in the ensemble movie "The Outsiders." POPPING COLLARS, PART 2 Michael Ochs Archives POPPING COLLARS, PART 2 In denim in 1981. SCOOP NECK David McGough/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images SCOOP NECK Patches again, with Heather Locklear in 1982. PATCH JOB Time & Life Pictures/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images PATCH JOB With "Risky Business" costar Rebecca De Mornay in 1984. T-SHIRT AND JEANS Ron Galella/WireImage T-SHIRT AND JEANS Perhaps channeling his 1950s greaser character from "The Outsiders." HATS ON Barry King/WireImage HATS ON Rocking a fedora in 1984. EARLY GRUNGE Barry King/WireImage EARLY GRUNGE Discovering the "Reality Bites" look all the way back in 1985 (during the making of "Legend"). BACHELOR PARTY Barry King/WireImage BACHELOR PARTY Closer to classic Cruise with his short hair and leather jacket as he attends "Taps" costar Sean Penn's stag night in 1985. WEDDING PARTY Barry King/WireImage WEDDING PARTY Getting ready to watch Penn marry Madonna in 1985. TIED UP Barry King/WireImage TIED UP A bedazzled bolo tie for the "Color of Money" premiere in 1986. (Here, with future wife Mimi Rogers.)

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