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The Timeless Glamor of Sridevi

One of Bollywood's biggest stars, through the ages

Sridevi Kapoor, the Bollywood actress and Indian icon, died in Dubai on Saturday at age 54. She began her acting career at age 4, and by 13 years old, she had already landed a leading and nuanced role-- playing an aggrieved woman avenging her late lover’s death. Known as one of the first female superstars of Bollywood, Sridevi, who like most south Indian actors went by a singular name, carried the films she starred in. Acting in five languages, she appeared in over 300 films over the last five decades. Sridevi's die-hard fans and her colleagues in Bollywood paid tribute to her when her death was announced. It is a day "to remember her for her brilliance and the magic she brought into our lives," wrote Bollywood star Sahid Kapoor. "She made a whole generation of girls want to dance and wear pretty things," wrote Bollywood actor Huma Qureshi. "She enacted the most glamorous and most complex characters with such ease."

See her glamor and her complexity through the years.

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