Saturday Night Live - Season 7

The Magic of Harry Anderson

The "Night Court" actor has died at the age of 65.

Emmy-nominated actor Harry Anderson, best known for his role as Judge Harry T. Stone on the NBC sitcom "Night Court," died on Monday in Asheville, NC. He was 65.

For Anderson, art often imitated life, as his small-screen performances frequently centered around his real-life love of magic. (For a time, Anderson even owned a magic shop and night club in New Orleans.) Whether sitting on the bench on "Night Court" or bellying up to the bar at "Cheers," Anderson was an enchanted presence. Here, a look back at his wizardry.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE NBC/NBC via Getty Images SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Anderson came up through the L.A. comedy scene and would go on to make several appearances on the NBC sketch show throughout the '80s. Here, he attempts to escape a straitjacket during a performance with first wife Leslie Pollack. (Many of his classic illusions can be viewed online.) CHEERS NBC/NBC via Getty Images CHEERS At the bar where everyone knows your name, Anderson was known as Harry "The Hat" Gittes, a conman/magician who appeared in a half dozen episodes of the NBC sitcom. He would even reappear a couple of times after "Night Court" began, explaining his long absence cheekily with "two to 10, with time off for good behavior." NIGHT COURT Fotos International/Getty Images NIGHT COURT Anderson would earn three Emmy nominations for his turn as the Mel Torme-loving judge who never objected to magic on "Night Court," which ran from 1984-92. THE TONIGHT SHOW NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images THE TONIGHT SHOW As with "SNL," Anderson was a frequent guest on Johnny Carson's couch, where he'd regale the host and sidekick Ed McMahon with his slight-of-hand. And, also, his ability to play the recorder with his nose.