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Jeff Goldblum, the Early Years

Remembering when the "Jurassic Park" star was breaking hearts and playing Jesus

At age 65, Jeff Goldblum has become one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood. He's back on the movie screen this weekend, reprising his role as the quirky mathematician Ian Malcolm in the sequel "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom." Let's take this opportunity to dig into some prehistoric Goldblum, back when he was a journeyman actor guest starring on "Laverne & Shirley," romancing fellow actor Geena Davis, and masquerading as the Son of God. (Above: Goldblum on the set of the 1991 movie "The Favour, the Watch, and the Very Big Fish," in which he plays a man hired to pose as Jesus, only for him to start taking his role a little too seriously.)

DATE NIGHT ABC Photo Archives/ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images DATE NIGHT In 1982, Goldblum played a handsome suitor who took Penny Marshall's Laverne out for a night on the town on an episode of "Laverne & Shirley." SHOWTIME NBC/NBC via Getty Images SHOWTIME He guest starred with Catherine O'Hara and Steve Martin on the very short-lived sketch comedy series "The New Show" in 1984.

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'HOLLOW' MAN NBC/NBC via Getty Images 'HOLLOW' MAN Goldblum played Ichabod Crane in a TV movie version of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" from 1980. The dogs were good practice for future dinosaur fleeing. ODD COUPLE Bettmann/Bettmann Archive ODD COUPLE Ben Vareen and Goldblum played pair of mismatched detectives in the 1980 ABC series "Tenspeed and Brown Shoe." The show, alas, only lasted one season. 'NIGHT' MOVES Georges De Keerle/Getty Images 'NIGHT' MOVES Goldblum costarred with a young Michelle Pfeiffer in the 1985 big screen comedy thriller "Into the Night." ALIEN INVASION Archive Photos/Getty Images ALIEN INVASION He played a furry blue alien who romances a bikini-clad Geena Davis in the 1988 comedy "Earth Girls Are Easy." Davis and Goldblum were famously married until they split in 1990. FLY BOY Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images FLY BOY In the 1986 body-horror movie "The Fly," Goldblum played a brilliant scientist whose experiment goes deeply awry. This photo is from before he starts melding with an insect.

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