Heather Locklear in Her Heyday

Flashing back to when the 'Melrose Place' actress was one of the hottest stars on TV.

Back in the 1980s, Heather Locklear was one of the biggest stars on television, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed ingénue from southern California who turned heads on shows like "Dynasty" and "T.J. Hooker." In later years, she would be credited with saving the soap "Melrose Place" with the sheer force of her go-for-broke charisma as the conniving ad exec Amanda Woodward. Locklear, 56, was back in the headlines Monday morning for distressing reasons: She was arrested for allegedly attacking a police officer and EMT. But here, a look back at the days she ruled the small screen.

GLITTER ABC Photo Archives/ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images GLITTER In a promotional photo from 1982. POOL PARTY ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images POOL PARTY Locklear had a recurring role on the long-running nighttime soap "Dynasty" as Sammy Jo, a scantily-clad niece who clashes with the Carrington clan. In a 1986 episode, Sammy Jo got into that landed her in a pool.

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MAKING HAY ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images MAKING HAY In a 1986 "Dynasty" episode with Ted McGinley. COP DRAMA ABC Photo Archives/ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images COP DRAMA Locklear also had a regular role on the cop series "T.J. Hooker" costarring William Shatner and Adrian Zmed. GUNS BLAZING ABC Photo Archives/ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images GUNS BLAZING In SWAT gear for a 1984 episode. BEACH DAY Barry King/Contour by Getty Images BEACH DAY Throwing a Farrah Fawcett pose in 1992. TEAM ABC Ron Galella/WireImage TEAM ABC Competing in "Battle of the Network Stars" in the early 1980s. LET'S GET PHYSICAL Harry Langdon/Getty Images LET'S GET PHYSICAL An up-to-the-minute aerobics pose in 1981. WORKING OUT ABC Photo Archives/ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images WORKING OUT Locklear in a gym scene for "T.J. Hooker." CRUISIN' Ron Galella/WireImage CRUISIN' With a very young Tom Cruise, celebrating the 100th taping of a very young "Entertainment Tonight" in 1982. PEEKABOO ABC Photo Archives/ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images PEEKABOO Locklear in 1982. SIGNATURE MOVE Henry Diltz/Corbis via Getty Images SIGNATURE MOVE Signing autographs for fans. TAKING 'PLACE' Deborah Feingold/Corbis via Getty Images TAKING 'PLACE' Locklear joined the cast of the 1990s drama "Melrose Place" full time in season 2. "Heather gave me permission to spin storylines in a more over-the-top way because of who she was and what she represented," creator Darren Star once told the Hollywood Reporter. "It lit a fire under me, because it felt like there was nothing to lose."

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