K-Swiss Global Tennis Showdown To Benefit The Swedish School Of LA

Celebrities Playing Tennis

Lace up your shoes and grab your racket: It's time to serve and volley with the stars.

The French Open finals are set for this weekend, and if the past is a reliable guide, the stands will be brimming with celebrities. (Skier Lindsey Vonn, model Bella Hadid, and actress Nicole Kidman all attended the 2017 finals.) Of course, the rich and famous don't just watch tennis; they play it, too, as illustrated below.

FRIENDLY MATCH Robert Mora/Getty Images FRIENDLY MATCH Matthew Perry, formerly a top-ranked junior player, shows fine form at a celebrity tennis match in Los Angeles in 2002. CHARGING CHAPLIN ullstein bild Dtl./ullstein bild via Getty Images CHARGING CHAPLIN Charlie Chaplin moves in for an overhead in 1931.

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ADVANTAGE: PRESIDENT White House/Mai/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images ADVANTAGE: PRESIDENT Gerald Ford, in Marine Corps sweats, waits for a serve in 1974. WEIGHING HIS OPTIONS Images Press/Getty Images WEIGHING HIS OPTIONS Sidney Poitier stands on the court at a celebrity tournament circa 1975. ARE YOU KIDDING ME, UMP? Ron Galella/WireImage ARE YOU KIDDING ME, UMP? Arnold Schwarzenegger appears displeased with the call. EVERYTHING ZEN Icon Sports Wire/Corbis via Getty Images EVERYTHING ZEN Gavin Rossdale prepares to serve. NO TROUBLE WITH THE SERVE Lawrence Schiller/Getty Images NO TROUBLE WITH THE SERVE Clint Eastwood enjoys a game in 1969. KING OF THE COURT Images Press/Getty Images KING OF THE COURT Pelé, the King of Football, with Ethel Kennedy at a celebrity tournament in New York in 1979. AVA HURDLER Hulton Archive/Getty Images AVA HURDLER Ava Gardner jumps the net in the 1940s. DOUBLES PARTNERS Susan Wood/Getty Images/Getty Images DOUBLES PARTNERS Cheryl Tiegs and husband Stan Dragoti (director of "Mr. Mom") get into position for a Vogue photo shoot in 1971. FANCY FOOTWORK Hulton Archive/Getty Images FANCY FOOTWORK Fred Astaire plays tennis at his Beverly Hills home circa 1937. JACK AND JACKIE Bettmann/Bettmann Archive JACK AND JACKIE JFK and Jacqueline Bouvier hold tennis rackets in this photo from June 1953, three months before their wedding. THE SWING Hulton Archive/Getty Images THE SWING A smiling Paul Newman tosses his racket in the air. RACKET MAN Brian Hamill/Getty Images RACKET MAN Elton John, wearing a sweater that reads "ROD LAVER EAT YOUR HEART OUT," gets ready to serve circa 1975. IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD Archive Photos/Getty Images IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD Milton Berle stuffs a tennis ball in his mouth circa 1951. MONSTER FOREHAND Noel Vasquez/Getty Images MONSTER FOREHAND Will Ferrell plays in a benefit tournament in Los Angeles in 2009. CHARLIE'S ACES Pictorial Parade/Getty Images CHARLIE'S ACES Farrah Fawcett plays tennis while filming an episode of "Charlie's Angels" in 1977. CLAYWATCH Donaldson Collection/Getty Images CLAYWATCH David Hasselhoff plays on clay in 1986. SWING HIGH, SWING LOW Alfred Eisenstaedt/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images SWING HIGH, SWING LOW Carole Lombard plays tennis in 1938. HART COURT Frazer Harrison HART COURT Kevin Hart plays in a benefit tournament in 2015. KATE THE GREAT Hulton Archive/Getty Images KATE THE GREAT Katharine Hepburn finishes a swing circa 1935. TENNIS RANGER Arlene Richie/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images TENNIS RANGER Chuck Norris gets into his stance at the Chuck Norris Tennis Tournament in 2000. SWING TIME Erika Stone/Getty Images SWING TIME Ginger Rogers reaches back for a shot, or maybe a serve, circa 1950. ON THE RUN Frazer Harrison ON THE RUN Justin Bieber plays at a benefit tournament in 2015. UNNECESSARY ROUGHNESS Clive Brunskill/Getty Images UNNECESSARY ROUGHNESS Rainn Wilson vanquishes a ballboy at an exhibition match in 2013.

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