Richard Branson Stunt At Bellagio

Celebrities on Jet Skis

Jet skiing may not be Jay-Z's favorite activity, but check out these other waterborne stars.

If you celebrated the Fourth of July by taking a break from the internet, allow us relay part of what you missed: someone turned up a picture of Jay-Z on a jet ski, and, since it didn't look like was having much fun, a meme was born. Here, to honor Jay-Z and offer him a few pointers, a gallery of celebrities on jet skis. (Above: Richard Branson in the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas in 2010.)

IT'S GONNA BE SKI Philip Ramey Photography, LLC/Corbis via Getty Images IT'S GONNA BE SKI Justin Timberlake in Malibu, filming "Friends With Benefits" in 2010. NOT AN ILLUSION Brian Doben/Contour by Getty Images NOT AN ILLUSION David Copperfield works his magic in the Bahamas in 2011.

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THE BIRTH OF ADONIS Radcliffe/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images THE BIRTH OF ADONIS Michael B. Jordan with a friend in Miami in 2014. SKI-BIZA Iconic/GC Images SKI-BIZA Lindsay Lohan in Ibiza, Spain, in 2014. SHAQ ON THE WATER Bill Frakes/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images SHAQ ON THE WATER Shaquille O'Neal with personal assistant Dennis Tracey in Orlando in 1994. BEACHY WAVES Bauer-Griffin/GC Images BEACHY WAVES Model Doutzen Kroes in Miami in 2012. JET SKIING FOR A CAUSE John M. Heller/FilmMagic JET SKIING FOR A CAUSE Pamela Anderson at an event for the Shepard Conservation Society's Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign in Marina del Rey, California, in 2012. BLUE WATERS Iconic/GC Images BLUE WATERS "Orange is the New Black" costar Ruby Rose with a friend in Ibiza in 2016. THE O.SKI Uri Schanker/FilmMagic THE O.SKI Mischa Barton off Miami Beach in 2012. THE DAME AND THE COSTUME DESIGNER Kevin Winter/Getty Images THE DAME AND THE COSTUME DESIGNER Helen Mirren with "Phantom Thread" costume designer Mark Bridges, who won a jet ski for giving the shortest acceptance speech at the 2018 Academy Awards.

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