Jay-Z 'The Black Album Tour' Live at Madison Square Garden - Show

MSG: Among the Fans

They arrive on foot, in cabs, by grimy subway, and in the seats of chauffeured stretch Range Rovers. But once inside, as the anticipation builds and the lights dim, they stand as one: the fans. The Garden would not be the Garden, of course, without the fans who — both in their unblinking loyalty and full-throated criticisms (sometimes expressed with no more eloquence than "You Suck!) — challenge performers to deliver the goods.

Here for Hova KMazur/WireImage for New York Post Here for Hova On their feet for Jay-Z, November 25, 2003. Flipped Off Bruce Bennett/Getty Images Flipped Off A Rangers fan speaks his mind after one of the visiting Boston Bruins charged into the stands and tried to beat a New York fan with a shoe on December 23, 1979. Standing Tall Theo Wargo Standing Tall Taylor Swift at the annual Jingle Ball on December 7, 2012. Floor Seats James Devaney/WireImage Floor Seats Chris Rock, "L.A." Reid, Sean Combs, and Jay-Z on-hand for the Knicks, February, 2009. Can't Give it Away on 7th Avenue Bettmann/Bettmann Archive Can't Give it Away on 7th Avenue Rolling Stones fans outside MSG, 1981. Swoon New York Daily News Archive/NY Daily News via Getty Images Swoon A fan faints during a Menudo concert on February 7, 1983. Dressed to Thrill Bill Ray/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Dressed to Thrill An Ali fan at the Ali vs Oscar Bonavena fight on December 7, 1970. Heeeere's Bobby The Estate of David Gahr/Getty Images Heeeere's Bobby Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston take their seats for Bob Dylan and the Band, January, 1974. Let's Go, Rangers New York Daily News Archive/NY Daily News via Getty Images Let's Go, Rangers Celebration in the streets after the Rangers take Game 7 and the Stanley Cup, June 14, 1994. Guess Who? Waring Abbott/Getty Images Guess Who? On June 14, 1974, The Who played the Garden. And the crowd went wild. Very High Five Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images Very High Five Patrick Ewing thrills a fan on June 17, 1994. Here for the Food Walter Iooss Jr./Sports Illustrated/Getty Images Here for the Food A wrestling fan dines out on March 17, 1985. Rock and Roll All Night New York Daily News/NY Daily News via Getty Images Rock and Roll All Night Kiss fans — maybe even members of the Kiss Army — get ready for The Painted Ones to take the stage on July 24, 1979. John John and the Greatest Bettmann/Bettmann Archive John John and the Greatest John Kennedy, Jr., and his aunt, Princess Lee Radziwill, sit ringside to watch Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. Straight Outta Utah New York Daily News Archive/NY Daily News via Getty Images Straight Outta Utah Donny and the rest of the Osmond Brothers get the Beatlemania treatment on November 24, 1973. "L" is for "Larry&quot New York Daily News Archive/NY Daily News via Getty Images "L" is for "Larry" Spike Lee, a perennial court-side presence at Knicks games, salutes player Larry Johnson in April, 2000.