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Bowie's Style Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

A look back at the late singer’s eclectic and ever-evolving style, from glam-rock king to 21st-century icon.

Photo of David BOWIECA/RedfernsTHE MOP-TOP, 1965

Before BowiePotter/Getty ImagesLONG HAIR, DON'T CARE, 1965

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Bowie yelloHulton Archive/Getty ImagesTRIM AND PROPER, 1967


David BowiePopperfoto/Popperfoto/Getty ImagesGENIE IN A BOTTLE, 1970

Bowie longandleanMichael Ochs ArchivesLONG AND LEAN, 1971

Bowie In BeckenhamMichael Putland/Getty ImagesDISCO DAYS, 1972

David Bowie Live In LondonGijsbert Hanekroot/RedfernsGOING GLAM, 1973

Pin-UpsJustin de Villeneuve/Getty ImagesPIN UPS, 1973

David BowieGijsbert Hanekroot/RedfernsHALLOWEEN JACK, 1974

David BowieTerry O'Neill/Getty ImagesDIAMOND DOG DAYS, 1974

Bowie gallelaRon Gallela/Getty ImagesYOUNG AMERICAN, 1975

David BowieJARNOUX Patrick/Paris Match via Getty ImagesTHE THIN WHITE DUKE, 1976

David BowieSteve Schapiro/Corbis via Getty ImagesLOW, 1977

Bowie wallChristian SIMONPIETRI/Getty ImagesA TRUE GENTLEMEN, 1977

David Bowie ArchiveGreg Gorman/Contour by Getty ImagesPERFECT POMPADOUR, 1981

David Bowie On Stage In Milton KeynesKevin Cummins/Getty ImagesLET'S DANCE, 1983

David Bowie ArchiveGreg Gorman/Contour by Getty ImagesROCKABILLY BOWIE, 1984

Absolute BeginnersGeorges De Keerle/Getty ImagesS&M BOWIE, 1985

Music. Personalities. pic: circa 1986. British pop star David Bowie as he appeared in the fantasy adventure production 'Labyrinth'.Bob Thomas/Bob Thomas/Getty ImagesTHE GOBLIN KING, 1986

David BowieDenis O'Regan/Getty ImagesCHANNELING BEETHOVEN, 1987

David Bowie And Tin MachineFrans Schellekens/RedfernsLIVE WIRE, 1988

David BowieTerry O'Neill/Getty ImagesSATIN SAINT, 1992

David BowieKevin Cummins/Getty ImagesGOAT-EE, 1995

Bowie millenKevin Mazur/Getty ImagesFROSTED, 1997

FILE: David Bowie Recovers From Emergency Heart SurgeryDave Hogan/Getty ImagesPRINCE OR PAUPER?, 2000

Concert for NYC-RehearsalFrank Micelotta Archive/Getty ImagesSTRAIGHT STYLIN', 2001

UK: The Nokia Isle of Wight Festival 2004 - Day ThreeDave Hogan/Getty ImagesHIPPIE CHIC, 2004

2009 Sundance Film Festival - Black & White FeatureGeorge Pimentel/WireImage21ST-CENTURY ICON, 2009

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