Knievel's Wembley Jump

Before the Records: Evel Knievel's Great Fall

The dangerous side of being a daredevil

In the 1970s, daredevil Evel Knievel set records jumping over cars, buses, and the Caesars Palace fountain in Las Vegas. One day in 1975, at London's Wembley Stadium, the danger of his stunts caught up with him. On that day, Kneival tried to jump over 13 buses. He crashed upon landing, breaking his pelvis. Though he initially announced he would retire after the crash, he got back on his bike and set the three records that stood until this month, when Travis Pastrana finally broke them. Here, a close up look at the crash that almost ended Knievel's career.

AIRBORNE David Ashdown/Getty Images AIRBORNE FLYING HIGH David Ashdown/Getty Images FLYING HIGH STILL GOING Bob Thomas/Bob Thomas/Getty Images STILL GOING ALMOST THERE Bob Thomas/Bob Thomas/Getty Images ALMOST THERE NOT QUITE Bob Thomas/Bob Thomas/Getty Images NOT QUITE While Knievel did make it over the 13 buses, he did not stick the landing. Moving at 90 mph, his tires were not straight, causing the motorcycle to flip. JUST MISSED Bob Thomas/Bob Thomas/Getty Images JUST MISSED LOSING CONTROL David Ashdown/Getty Images LOSING CONTROL WRONG WAY Bob Thomas/Bob Thomas/Getty Images WRONG WAY CRASH Bob Thomas/Bob Thomas/Getty Images CRASH DUCK AND COVER Bob Thomas/Bob Thomas/Getty Images DUCK AND COVER HE'S GOING TO BE OKAY Bettmann/Bettmann Archive HE'S GOING TO BE OKAY QUITTING TIME Express/Getty Images QUITTING TIME Knievel told the crowd it would be his last jump. TRY, TRY, AND TRY AGAIN Evening Standard/Getty Images TRY, TRY, AND TRY AGAIN But after 11 days in the hospital, he announced he would try again. “You told 70,000 people you were going to retire,” said a reporter. "How can you say now that you’re going back?" "I don’t care what I say," Knievel said. "The schedule calls for me to jump again in September."

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