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Unfortunate Periods in Interior Design

What were we thinking?

Employing color, artwork, furniture, and other carefully chosen decor, interior design is a process that can enhance a given space — or leave a visitor scratching her head. Here, a look at some unfortunate decisions from years past.

MUSTARD Frederic Lewis/Getty Images MUSTARD Nothing says "appetizing" quite like mustard-yellow countertops, circa 1980. DON'T LOOK UP Lawrence Schiller/Getty Images DON'T LOOK UP The dreaded and not-at-all-soothing "popcorn" ceiling, 1967.

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WOOD, OR WON'T? William Grigsby WOOD, OR WON'T? There's something to be said for wood paneling. But there's also something to be said for less wood paneling, 1965. THE BLOB Horst P. Horst THE BLOB Attack of the giant beanbag chair, 1972. WATCH YOUR STEP William Grigsby WATCH YOUR STEP No one can argue with hanging original Pop Art masterworks on the walls. But anyone can argue with the inclusion of a dead polar bear, 1965. GOT THE BLUES Popperfoto/Popperfoto/Getty Images GOT THE BLUES A sad bathroom, 1967. SUN IN William Grigsby/Conde Nast via Getty Images SUN IN When the bed you sleep in is also the bed you tan in, 1960. RED ALERT Henry Clarke RED ALERT Blood-red walls in a London flat, 1968. WICKER WORLD Henry Clarke WICKER WORLD When wicker was allowed inside the house, 1971. STRESS KITCHEN Susan Wood/Getty Images/Getty Images STRESS KITCHEN Too much of a good thing, 1978. IN THE GARDEN Deborah Feingold/Corbis via Getty Images IN THE GARDEN Nature finds a way, 2000. EARLY MAN CAVE John B. Carnett/Popular Science via Getty Images EARLY MAN CAVE Even the antique stove would struggle to warm up this game room, 1989. HOME ON THE RANGE Horst P. Horst/Conde Nast via Getty Images HOME ON THE RANGE Gingham overload, 1971. REDRUM Tom Meinhold/Getty Images REDRUM Nothing good can happen here, 2001. EYE SPY Horst P. Horst EYE SPY Even the poor dog appears to know something is wrong, 1968. INVASION OF THE FLOWERS William Grigsby INVASION OF THE FLOWERS When your bathroom design takes over the rest of your house, 1969. PATTERNING Horst P. Horst/Conde Nast via Getty Images PATTERNING Getting dizzy, 1977.

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