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Tattoo Tributes: This One's for Ma

These folks don't hesitate to share their love for mom, in permanent ink.

The Bicep Harold Feinstein Photography Trust/Getty Images The Bicep Some 1950s Brooklyn love for ma — the classic kind. The Portrait Al Tielemans/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images The Portrait Basketball player Glen Davis went all the way with his tribute to mom Tonya. Front and Center Anthony Charles Front and Center The message here is clear, "I love maman (mom)." Rebel Heart UniversalImagesGroup/UIG via Getty Images Rebel Heart Gals love a bad boy, especially one with a soft spot for mom. The Rocker Bennett Raglin/WireImage The Rocker Even Adam Lavine likes to keep a reminder of mom's love close. The Permanent Pair The John Deakin Archive/Getty Images The Permanent Pair A shout out to both parents is okay, too. But we know who comes first. The Dedication Boston Globe/Boston Globe via Getty Images The Dedication A reminder of love for a mom that's no longer with us. Loving Hands Metal Hammer Magazine Loving Hands Charlie Holmes from the band Heart in Hand thinks of mom and dad when he twiddles his thumbs. Remembrance at Sea Sherman/Getty Images Remembrance at Sea And, of course, old-school sailors adore their mothers, too. Mom at the Game Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images Mom at the Game Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals catches with his mom hand. The Tough Guy Margaret Bourke-White/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images The Tough Guy This 1937 shipbuilder has tattoo tributes to a few dames, but based on wear, it looks like he's been repping mother the longest. Showing Off the Love Boston Globe/Boston Globe via Getty Images Showing Off the Love Love for mom is life long, and so are the tattoos saluting them.