Vogue 1959

Vintage Vogue: Bathing Beauties of Yesteryear

Here, color-rich photos pulled straight from the pages of Vogue.

Sun Dazed Sante Forlano/Conde Nast via Getty Images Sun Dazed A simple, black one-piece paired with a scarf, sunglasses, and a smoke; 1961. Going Deep Richard Rutledge Going Deep Two models in Rose Marie Reid originals. . . fins sold separately;1957. Mirage Clifford Coffin Mirage Capped beauties on the sand; 1949. Good as Gold Horst P. Horst/Conde Nast via Getty Images Good as Gold High-neck and high-waisted two-piece; 1963.
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John Rawlings Toni Frissell High and Dry Richard Rutledge High and Dry Speargun, radio, and two suits by Cole of California; 1957. Spots and Stripes Roger Prigent Spots and Stripes A strapless one-piece paired with a polka dotted beach bag; 1954. Looking Back Clifford Coffin Looking Back Model Jean Patchett in a suit by Carolyn Schnurer; 1950. Loungewear John Rawlings Loungewear Sun, sand, shells, and bathing jumpsuits; 1941. Soaking It In Joseph Leombruno Soaking It In A red embroidered swimdress; 1955.
Vogue 1946
Vogue 1977
Erwin Blumenfeld Alberto Rizzo Very Vintage George Hoyningen-Huene Very Vintage Model Helen Widderburn wears a wool suit from B. V. D. Montauk; 1932. Rosé All Day Tom Palumbo Rosé All Day A wine-colored, floral suit from Catalina; 1959.
Vogue 1959
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Tom Palumbo John Rawlings Head-wrap William Bell Head-wrap A bright, yellow maillot by Jantzen; 1959. Showstopper Richard Rutledge/Conde Nast via Getty Images Showstopper A candy-apple red maillot from Jantzen; 1958. Under a Large, Blue Hat Horst P. Horst Under a Large, Blue Hat A navy blue ensemble; 1940.

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