Woman (possibly model), w. long hair wearing short

Vintage Sexy: The Allure of the Mini-Skirt

Born in the '60s and brimming with confidence, the mini-skirt was made for summer.

FIRECRACKER! Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images FIRECRACKER! Barbara Eden, who played Jeannie in "I Dream of Jeannie," 1965. HAIR PLAY Bettmann/Bettmann Archive HAIR PLAY Julie Christie, the star of "Dr. Zhivago," "Shampoo," and a host of other major films, in 1965. STANDING TALL Arthur Elgort / Conde Nast/Contour by Getty Images STANDING TALL Alek Wek on the street, 1997. ON THE FRINGE Mirrorpix/Getty Images ON THE FRINGE Twiggy, the English model, in 1967. THINK PINK Bert Stern THINK PINK An unidentified model photographed for Vogue by the legendary Bert Stern, 1967. RUNWAY Guy Marineau/Conde Nast via Getty Images RUNWAY Kate Moss in Versace, 1994. BEACH FASHION Larry Ellis/Getty Images BEACH FASHION An unidentified model, 1966 PLEATS! Jamie Hodgson/Getty Images PLEATS! An unidentified model in 1970. IN THE WILD Larry Ellis/Getty Images IN THE WILD Charlotte Rampling, who starred in "Farewell, My Lovely" and "Stardust Memories," among others, in 1967. TECHNICALLY SPEAKING, IT'S A MINI-DRESS Keystone/Getty Images TECHNICALLY SPEAKING, IT'S A MINI-DRESS An unidentified model goes pink in 1968. SLIGHTY SUPERHERO M. McKeown/Getty Images SLIGHTY SUPERHERO British model Jane Lumb, 1968. WINDOW DRESSING Terry Disney/Getty Images WINDOW DRESSING French actress Catherine Jourdan in 1967. CROSS TO BEAR Tim Boxer/Getty Images CROSS TO BEAR Ursula Andress, who starred in James Bond films "Dr. No" and "Casino Royale", in 1975. CURB APPEAL Frank Barratt/Getty Images CURB APPEAL Hazel, the fashion model, vamps in an Ossie Clark playsuit in 1973. SOMETHING GREEN Bert Stern SOMETHING GREEN An unidentified model in 1967. ON STAGE Bettmann/Bettmann Archive ON STAGE Supporters of Richard Nixon in 1968. STRIPES AND CHECKS AND POLKA DOTS! Gianni Penati STRIPES AND CHECKS AND POLKA DOTS! Model Jean Shrimpton in 1969. RAINBOW COALITION Bert Stern RAINBOW COALITION Legendary photographer Bert Stern shot these four mini-wearing models for Vogue in 1969. WITH BOOTS Mondadori Portfolio/Mondadori via Getty Images WITH BOOTS Actress Amanda Lear in 1977. SPRING MINI Roger Viollet Collection/Roger Viollet/Getty Images SPRING MINI Two models (Twiggy is in pink) in 1966. "SAVE THE MINI" Bettmann/Bettmann Archive "SAVE THE MINI" When fashion designers tried to replace the mini-skirt with the "maxi-skirt," this unidentified model fought back, 1969.

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