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Wild and Wonderful Animal Photos You Missed This Week

See snapshots from the animal kingdom.

From cute and cuddly pets at home to the majestic creatures of the wild, there's no question that the animal kingdom is one of our favorite subjects to capture with a camera. See the critters who were ready for their close-up this week. (Pictured: A monkey drinks water during a hot summer day in Chennai, India on April 4, 2018.)

Traunstein, Germany - April 2 Lennart Preiss/Getty Images Traunstein, Germany - April 2 Horses are adorned with braids and flowers for the annual Easter Monday Georgi-Ritt mounted procession. Moscow, Russia - April 1 MLADEN ANTONOV/AFP/Getty Images Moscow, Russia - April 1 An owl is presented during "bird day" celebrations. The annual event marks the first return of migratory birds from their wintering sites and aims to educate people on the conservation of these majestic creatures. New York City - April 3 Spencer Platt/Getty Images New York City - April 3 Five Yorkies are dressed for the unusually cold spring weather, just a day after an April storm dumped the heaviest snow on the city since 1982. Queensland, Australia - April 5 Mark Kolbe/Getty Images Queensland, Australia - April 5 A moth enjoys the best seat in the house during the Beach Volleyball women preliminary match on day two of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. Bangkok, Thailand - April 3 LILLIAN SUWANRUMPHA/AFP/Getty Images Bangkok, Thailand - April 3 A police dog for the Royal Thai police's K-9 unit high-fives his partner. Istanbul, Turkey - April 3 Anadolu Agency/Getty Images Istanbul, Turkey - April 3 A cat enjoys the sun (and free fish) at Karakay Pier. Chengdu, China - April 3 Wang He/Getty Images Chengdu, China - April 3 A baby panda sleeps on a tree at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. First built in 1987, the facility cares for more than 100 giant pandas that will ultimately be reintroduced to the wild. Taipei, Taiwan - April 3 SAM YEH/AFP/Getty Images Taipei, Taiwan - April 3 A great egret is spotted during courtship season at Da'an Forest Park. Kiev, Ukraine - April 5 SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images Kiev, Ukraine - April 5 A cat gets dolled up for the 2018 Pysanka Festival. During the annual celebration, 500 Easter eggs and 374 Easter rabbits made by professional artists from all over Ukraine are on display to the public (feline friends included). Van, Turkey - April 4 Anadolu Agency/Getty Images Van, Turkey - April 4 A van cat is spotted on a spring day near Lake Van. See why these odd-eyed kitties are a favorite in Turkey. AMazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan - April 5 FARSHAD USYAN/AFP/Getty Images AMazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan - April 5 A flock of pigeons stirs in the courtyard of the Hazrat-e-Ali shrine, also known as the Blue Mosque. Nanchang, China - April 3 VCG/VCG via Getty Images Nanchang, China - April 3 A herd of elks gallops at Poyang Lake Wetland Park. 47 rare elks have been released into the wild to improve biodiversity and protect the ecosystem of China's largest freshwater lake. Toronto, Canada - April 3 Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images Toronto, Canada - April 3 Salmon run up the Humber River near the Old Mill. Portland, Maine - April 1 Portland Press Herald/Press Herald via Getty Images Portland, Maine - April 1 Duck, a rescue dog from Puerto Rico who was stranded in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, meets his new family. New Delhi - April 3 SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP/Getty Images New Delhi - April 3 A young boy washes his elephant in the Yamuna River. Duisburg, Germany - April 4 ROLF VENNENBERND/AFP/Getty Images Duisburg, Germany - April 4 Baby wombat 'Apari' looks out at the world from the safety of his mother's pouch. Lublin, Poland - April 4 Anadolu Agency/Getty Images Lublin, Poland - April 4 A four-week-old red fox is seen at the Epicrates Foundation, the first center of rehabilitation for homeless exotic animals. Since 2008, the foundation has been operating and taking in animals which were abandoned by their owners who weren't prepared to care for them. Madrid, Spain - April 3 Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images Madrid, Spain - April 3 Rothschild giraffes pictured at the Madrid Zoo.