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The Spirit Animals You Never Considered

Ahhhh… spirit animals. Our personal guides through the stresses of life. But remember: There’s a world of inspiration (and potential screensavers) beyond lions and tigers and bears. Open your mind to these unconventional creatures, and channel their best qualities on your way to total self-actualization.

Close-Up Of FlamingoRod Lyons / EyeEmThe Great FlamingoUnconventionally beautiful. Enjoys spending time in social groups, and is unafraid to stick a neck out there. Tends to have a leg up in life.

Alva, Florida, United StatesGeorge GrallThe Nine-banded ArmadilloMasters of introspection, compartmentalization, and not letting the haters get to them.

The Monarch Caterpillar by Jonathan Fife The Monarch Caterpillar Patient; takes things one step at a time (or inch by inch, you could say). But when the time is right, they embrace change fearlessly. Transformative vibes! The Bonobo Martin Harvey The Bonobo Expressive, with an incredible ability to defuse conflict with charm and humor. Also extremely open-minded, especially when it comes to sex stuff. The Platypus Dave Watts/Nature Picture Library The Platypus Breaker of convention. Strong willed and revolutionary; never hesitates to venomously defy authority. The Sea Slug ultramarinfoto The Sea Slug Creative, experimental, colorful personalities. Lives in the moment and considers everywhere home, though occasionally clashes with similar personalities. The Alpaca plusphoto/a.collectionRF The Alpaca Observant, intelligent, vegetarian. Loves rock-climbing and long walks. Sometimes hot-tempered. The Leafcutter Ant lirtlon The Leafcutter Ant Humble, hardworking, and stronger than you’d think. A creature of community, prioritizing family over everything (with an especially close relationship to mom). All about building bridges and something bigger than themselves. The Komodo Dragon Reinhard Dirscherl The Komodo Dragon Strong personality; fierce protector of its domain. Not afraid of conflict, but also at times highly chill — loves basking in the sun. The Capybara Mint Images - Frans Lanting The Capybara The biggest of rodents, but never a bully. Stoic and strong, confident yet wise. Recognizes the therapeutic effects of relaxing in water.