Tree frog sitting on crocodile

Ride or Die: Animal Odd Couples

When animals hitch a ride ... from other animals.

Emergency Landing MARVIN RECINOS/AFP/Getty Images Emergency Landing Praying for a Snack? shikheigoh Praying for a Snack? Hitchin' a Ride Sergio Pitamitz Hitchin' a Ride
Dragonfly sitting on a dumpy frog, Indonesia
Hamerkop - Scopus umbretta - standing on hippo, Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe
kuritafsheen; David Fettes Climbing CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP/Getty Images Climbing Slow Rider kuritafsheen Slow Rider Stacks on Deck Hammerchewer (G C Russell) Stacks on Deck Grazing & Gazing Beverly Joubert Grazing & Gazing Branching Out kuritafsheen Branching Out A Regal Ride Tui De Roy/ Minden Pictures A Regal Ride

Lilac-Breasted Roller (Coracias caudata) on the back of a Grants Zebra (Plains Zebra) (Common Zebra) (Equus burchelli boehmi), Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, East Africa, Africa
Baby Turtle Riding on Mother's Back
James Hager/robertharding; sabirmallick Table for Two Ben Cranke Table for Two Pecking Order Brendan Ryan Pecking Order Head Rest ULISES RUIZ/AFP/Getty Images Head Rest

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