Pink Pelicans At ZSL Whipsnade

Out to Lunch With Pelicans

When your throat pouch is bigger than your stomach.

Open wide: It's feeding time for the pelicans of the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in England.

Making Room Barcroft Media via Getty Images Making Room A pelican's pouch is called a gular and expands like a parachute to accommodate the catch of the day. (Contrary to popular believe, pelicans don't actually store fish in there.) It typically takes about 150 pounds of fish to raise a pelican chick. Graceful Gliders Barcroft Media via Getty Images Graceful Gliders In addition to being excellent scoopers, pelicans are also excellent floaters. They keep pouches of air underneath their wings for a little extra buoyancy in the water. Ready to Mingle Barcroft Media via Getty Images Ready to Mingle The birds' spring breeding plumage is in full effect and has turned a beautiful pastel pink. Pelicans are monogamous for a single season and usually lay between one to three eggs. Chow Down Barcroft Media via Getty Images Chow Down So eat up, pelican. You've got work to do!