Tree Goats Morocco

Morocco's Crazy Tree-Climbing Goats

In their search for food, these fearless goats go out on a limb

Morocco’s Argania trees, with their rough bark and gnarled trunks, may not be the prettiest of plants, but with a small herd of goats perched on its crooked branches? Tough to get more photogenic.

IT'S ABOUT THE NUTS Pavliha IT'S ABOUT THE NUTS The thorny plants grow exclusively in the southwest region of Morocco and western Algeria, and attract herds of hungry goats that feast on its Argan nut, which ripen in June and July. HIGHER AND HIGHER ElleFitz HIGHER AND HIGHER No branch of the Argan tree is too high for these resourceful goats to climb — and some grow as high as 33 feet.

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FAMISHED AND FEARLESS Pavliha FAMISHED AND FEARLESS The goats tend to eat the nut in its entirety — bitter peel, pulpy pericarp, hard nut housed inside. The whole shebang.
Goats on tree eating argan, in Marocco
Goat feeding in argan tree. Marocco
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