Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko)

Eye of the...??

You’ll need a star pupil to figure out the animals behind these eyeballs.

We’re all familiar with — and in some lyrical instances, inspired by — the eye of the tiger, but how well do you know the oculus of other animals? See if you can guess the critters behind these eyeballs before peeking at the answers below.

India, Assam, Kaziranga National Park, Close-up of eye of an Indian elephant (Elephas maximus) Nick Garbutt ELEPHANT Gilitukha ELEPHANT
Red-eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas) close- up of eye half open, the golden webbed semi-transparent eyelid allows to see its surrounding even while resting, Costa Rica.
Ingo Arndt/Nature Picture Library; Dan Mihai RED-EYED TREE FROG Close-Up Of Goat Eye Simon Marlow / EyeEm GOAT dscott GOAT
Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko)
DKart; johnaudrey TOKAY GECKO Cuttlefish (Sepia sp), eye detail, Papua New Guinea Chris Newbert/ Minden Pictures CUTTLEFISH Zoonar RF CUTTLEFISH
Eye of Siberian Husky
Vladimir Godnik; Indre Jasineviciute/EyeEm SIBERIAN HUSKY The eye of a green tree python, Morelia viridis. Joel Sartore GREEN TREE PYTHON Artie Photography (Artie Ng) GREEN TREE PYTHON
the eye of a gargoyle gecko rhacodactylus auriculatus picture  b9032dd4 404a 4862 881e 9f78d4758e35
David Liittschwager; MattiaATH GARGOYLE GECKO Feathery flirt Nancy Rose GOLDEN PHEASANT Ger Bosma GOLDEN PHEASANT
Caiman Crocodile's eye, close up
Jonathan Knowles; precinbe CAIMAN CROCODILE