Pygmy sea horse on soft coral.

Animals Hidden in Plain Sight

Perfecting the art of camouflage in the Animal Kingdom

Survival of the fittest? More like survival of the least-likely-to-be-seen. Whether hiding from predators or secretly waiting to ambush prey themselves, these colorful critters are masters of disguise and have, with evolution's help, perfected the art of camouflage. And as a special treat for our naturalist readers, we’ve included each animal’s scientific name.

Pretty in Pink Thomas Marent/Minden Pictures/Getty Images Pretty in Pink Orchid Mantis   (Hymenopus coronatus) Spot the Seahorse? Stephen Frink/Image Source/Getty Images Spot the Seahorse? Pygmy Seahorse   (Hippocampus bargibanti) Twinning Ullstein bild via Getty Images Twinning Pygmy Seahorses   (Hippocampus denise) Leaf Peeper Thomas Marent/Minden Pictures/Getty Images Leaf Peeper Moth   (Gastropacha quercifolia) Eye of the Tiger Steve Winter/National Geographic/Getty Images Eye of the Tiger Tiger  (Panthera tigris) Spreading Wing Thomas Marent/Minden Pictures/Getty Images Spreading Wing Saturniid Moth   (Rhodinia fugax) Stick It KarSol/iStock/Getty Images Stick It Walking Stick Insect  (Diapheromera femorata) Shaded in Chartreuse Thomas Marent/Minden Pictures/Getty Images Shaded in Chartreuse Green Spider   (Micrommata virescens) Going Green Auscape/UIG via Getty Images Going Green Leaf-Mimicking Katydid  (Pterophylla camellifolia) More Than Meets the Eye Martin Harvey/Corbis/Getty Images More Than Meets the Eye Saltwater Crocodile  (Crocodylus porosus) Barking Down the Wrong Tree Barcroft Media via Getty Images Barking Down the Wrong Tree Leaf-Tail Gecko  (Uroplatus phantasticus) Brown Study Thomas Marent/Minden Pictures/Getty Images Brown Study Leaf-Tail Gecko  (Uroplatus phantasticus) Eyes Have It scubaluna/iStock/Getty Images Eyes Have It Wide-Eyed Flounder   (Bothus podas) Toothsome Borut Furlan/WaterFrame/Getty Images Toothsome Stargazer Fish  (Uranoscopus bicinctus) 50 Shades of... KeithSzafranski/E+/Getty Images 50 Shades of... Gray Tree Frog  (Hyla versicolor) Spinning Illusions Barcroft Media via Getty Images Spinning Illusions Long-Spinnered Bark Spider  (Hersilia sericea) Who Me? Noorhussain/iStock/Getty Images Who Me? Pallid Scops Owl  (Otus brucei) Wintry Wonder Matthias Breiter/Minden Pictures/Getty Images Wintry Wonder Arctic Fox  (Vulpes lagopus)