Melbourne Dog Lovers Enjoy 'Common Woof Games'

Beast Mode: Fierce Competition at the Common Woof Games

Cry "Good boy!" and let slip the dogs of sport.

The 2018 Commonwealth Games are in the books, but the first-ever Common Woof Games are just heating up. This year, at the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show in Australia, canine competitors are testing their speed, strength, agility, and endurance in a series of 11 events — from high jump to hurdles, and barrel racing to basketball — that run from May 4 to May 6. The first day's highlights below.

STRONG SWIMMER Scott Barbour/Getty Images STRONG SWIMMER Doggy paddling toward victory in the speed-retrieve event. THE GOOD SHEPHERD Scott Barbour/Getty Images THE GOOD SHEPHERD This dog has drive. STANDARD BEARERS Scott Barbour/Getty Images STANDARD BEARERS They don't call them Australian shepherds for nothing. FOCUS Scott Barbour/Getty Images FOCUS A chocolate lab bends right ... NAILED IT Scott Barbour/Getty Images NAILED IT ... and swerves left. EYE OF THE BOXER Scott Barbour/Getty Images EYE OF THE BOXER Taco the boxer brings power and passion to the extreme-vertical event. PURE INTENSITY Scott Barbour/Getty Images PURE INTENSITY A few gray hairs can't slow this dog down: He has the heart of a champion. SHAKE IT OFF Scott Barbour/Getty Images SHAKE IT OFF Towels were evidently not on hand after the speed retrieve. PACK IT IN Scott Barbour/Getty Images PACK IT IN Day 1 is done. Let's have a round of a-paws for all our contestants.