Crufts: The U.K.'s Top Dogs

Britain crowns its Best in Show

Westminster's cousin from across the pond, the Crufts dog show is an annual tradition in the U.K. dating back to 1891 and named after its founder Charles Cruft (a general manager of a dog biscuit factory). Crufts' first show welcomed about 2,000 dogs; the 2018 show (which ran from March 8-11) welcomed some 20,000. And by weekend's end, a Best in Show had emerged: the Whippet Collooney Tartan Tease (or simply Tease). After a brief interruption by protesters, Tease (above) was awarded her top-dog trophy. Of course, she had to best a lot of good boys and girls to get here, like...

...This Hair-Tossing Afghan Hound Leon Neal/Getty Images ...This Hair-Tossing Afghan Hound ...This Tuckered Out Shih Tzu Richard Stabler/Getty Images ...This Tuckered Out Shih Tzu ...This Jaunty Japanese Shiba Inu Richard Stabler/Getty Images ...This Jaunty Japanese Shiba Inu ...This Jowly Clumber Spaniel Richard Stabler/Getty Images ...This Jowly Clumber Spaniel ...This Perky Pomeranian Richard Stabler/Getty Images ...This Perky Pomeranian ...This Hungry Irish Red and White Setter Leon Neal/Getty Images ...This Hungry Irish Red and White Setter ...These Smiling Samoyeds Richard Stabler/Getty Images ...These Smiling Samoyeds ...These Sitting Irish Setters Leon Neal/Getty Images ...These Sitting Irish Setters ...This Poofy Toy Poodle Richard Stabler/Getty Images ...This Poofy Toy Poodle ...And This Dog-Tired Labrador Retriever. Good Night! OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images ...And This Dog-Tired Labrador Retriever. Good Night!